Sunday, January 18, 2015

My Sunday Blessings!

It's been a long week! I started in on the non-sleeping thing again, but not because of insomnia, but because of my leg and foot nerve pain. It's been off the charts BAD!!! I don't see how I can have a couple of really great weeks, and then BAM! I'm right back in the depths of pain again, with no clear cause or reason. The only consistency seems to be IN-consistency!!! *ugh*

But, life goes on!! Bella had a really great week in school and we had a lot of yummy dinners! I'm so loving my new crock pot cookbook. Tonight we're having apple & cranberry pork chops and they smell so delicious already!!!

Thomas & Bella had their alone time together yesterday, and while home alone (the quiet - I love it!!), I was able to finish up the last three of my Magnolia winter cards! Really pleased with how they turned out!

These are now in their envelopes, addressed and ready to be sent out Tuesday morning! I'll be doing some cards next with my newest Lawn Fawn sets - both in water color with Distress Ink, and also with my Prismacolor pencils. You can't have enough coloring mediums!!!! Speaking of which...

A new Distress Ink color every month!!!

Lawn Fawn Goodies from CHA!!
Can't wait til these are available!!!!

My Lil Nugget - Emmett!
He's such a handsome and sweet baby!

I hope this pain goes away and I start sleeping better again. It was a pretty great couple of weeks while it lasted!! Here's hoping we ALL have a fabulous week ahead!


Gail said...

Great cards, good job!
Hope you sleep better soon!

Amy said...

The cards are just darling! You're such an amazing colorist! Hope you figure out how to solve your pain issues so you can sleep!

Deanna said...

Such pretty cards. Chronic pain like you are dealing with is never any fun. I hope you get some relief soon. Remember i told you last week that I hadn't been feeling well? I finally went to the Dr. on Saturday and was told I have pneumonia. Right now we are treating it at home. Had chest xray and blood work done today. It is truly the worst I've ever felt!

AliceKay said...

So sorry you're having so much leg and foot nerve pain again and aren't able to sleep well. Chronic pain is terrible. I know that for a fact. I hope you feel better soon and get that sleep you need.

The cards are adorable, and so is Emmett. He's really growing. Babies tend to do that. ;)

Have a great week, enjoy your crockpot dinners, and feel better soon! *hugs*