Saturday, January 17, 2015

LOL Caturday!

Well, I'm back to my not sleeping/not sleeping well thing again. *sad face* It's not the insomnia thing, it's the "I'm in so much pain I can't get comfortable enough to sleep" thing. It sucks. But...what can you do?? Thomas & Bella are headed to Graf soon for some time together, while I hang out and enjoy some quiet. Maybe take a nap, maybe do some coloring...we shall see. It's a very dark, very cloudy day today and I think I will mostly just take it easy!!! I have a new crock pot recipe simmering away - Beef Gyros! It already smells so good, and I will whip up a fresh cucumber-mint sauce to use with them for dinner tonight. I hope they turn out tasty!! I hope you all have a great weekend.


Rita said...

Oh, Jeannie! I am way too familiar with those nights! Vicious circle because less sleep makes the pain worse...etc. I hope you can break the cycle soon!! Love the cats. Happy Saturday. Rest up!! :)

PS I showed what I got with your gift money on the blog today! Happy, happy me!! Thanks you so much, sweetie!! :):)

Gail said...

Ahhh Caturday!
Get some rest & let me know how the new recipe turns out!

Intense Guy said...

You need a cat that knows hypnosis!

You are getting sleepy... back and forth... back and forth... sleeeeeeepy.....


AliceKay said...

Oh my goodness. I loved these Caturday pics! I cracked up at a lot of them....most of them actually. LOL (sorry i didn't see them on Saturday)

Feel better soon! *hugs*