Sunday, July 13, 2014

Kaltenberg Medieval Festival! Part Two

This woman was singing and doing acrobatics!
Some sort of spider story.

Even though her costume came with a headband, she "needed" a veil, lol!

This woman bowed and called Bella "m'lady", which she ate up and curtsied, lol!

I bought Bella this small tamborine and she had SUCH a blast with it all day long!!!

She played and danced....and ate up all the praise and attention!! My little ham!

Bella insisted that she was being GOOD and didn't need to be punished, lol!! She was right!

Super cool castle playground!

Almost time for the show!
It was HUGE!!!

"Lemonade" in German apparently means Sprite/7-Up, which was fine with us! That's what's in the big mug, which we didn't return and kept for a souvenir.

Our "cheap seats" which meant standing. Otherwise it would have cost us another $50!!

I made Thomas wear this for a photo, lol!

They did all kinds of tricks!! Very cool!

This guy was walking around and flexing his muscles. Bella didn't approve at all and said he needed to put some clothes on, lol!

Big parade! Which was great, but lasted a reallllly long time!

Time to joust!!

It was a really fun family adventure! The show lasted about another hour, but we left after seeing all the knights joust once because we were tired and needed to get on the road. Even Bella was ready to go, so you know she was tired!!! We had a long, long drive back, in and out of rain, but we made it home safe & sound! We even got to see the "super moon" on the drive back, which was gorgeous too. I'm so glad we were able to experience this before we left Germany!!!!


Rita said...

I figured they'd have jousting. Were there any wandering minstrels earlier? I saw the stockade--yes! And there was a jail you could send people to, also, at the Renaissance Fair. And a jester who wandered about...and a comedy act played out in the dirt street. This fair was a lot larger and more expensive, but they really are such fun! I remember eating a huge deep fried turkey leg--but it wasn't cooked all the way--awk! Jewelers and various hawkers of goods. What a fun day you all had! I can't believe he bought that armor headpiece--LOL! :)

AliceKay said...

Great pictures and video. Bella was cute in her costume, and it sure looked like she enjoyed playing that tamborine. lol I'd love to see jousting in real life. So much drama and excitement! :)

The scenery in Germany is breath-takingly beautiful.

Thank you for sharing your pictures and your day with us. I enjoyed seeing them.

Mary said...

That is so cool! They should've hired Bella! :)

Huguenot Girl said...

It looks like you had a fab time! Thanks for sharing the photos! Nicole x

Intense Guy said...

What a show!

I think I would have been standing too...