Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Market in Weiden

After our trip to Bayreuth on Saturday, we were ready for more on Sunday! So after our usual Sunday breakfast (homemade blueberry pancakes - yummy!!!), we headed out for more adventure! Weiden is about a 40 minute drive from our house, with lovely scenery to look at along the way. We used the city's parking garage, and walked a couple of blocks to the city center. We passed a pretty park along the way, that we'll definitely come back to visit in warmer weather!

Their HUGE Christmas tree. It has lights but not on now.

I thought these "candles" were cute!

A big glockenspeil!

"Rathaus" is Town Hall in English

Yes, she's on another one!! She wanted the swan but couldn't fit, lol!

Chocolate "tools"

The only smart phone I'm smart enough to use, lol!

LOADS of Nativity scene add-ons!

Cookie stand

And the one Bella picked out!

This was a smaller market, but really lovely.

Notice the numbered windows?? The building is a huge Advent calendar! So cool!!!

Thomas noticed this sign!

Leaving through the original city gate.

Good-bye Weiden!
We'll be back soon!!!


Intense Guy said...

That Advent building is cool!

Bella picked out a BIG cookie!

AliceKay said...

I loved the Advent building, too. What a neat way to celebrate the season. :)

Another great visit with really great pics. Thanks for sharing.

Sorry I'm so late in reading your posts and viewing your pics. I've had a lot going on here lately. (what i post on Facebook is just the tip of the iceberg)