Monday, December 2, 2013

Bayreuth Christmas Market 2013

The Christmas Market season has just begun here in Germany!!! Last year because of Thomas' job, we weren't able to travel as much, so we're all thrilled to be able to this year! We've got a four page list of the major markets and we are determined to visit as many as possible.

Bayreuth is about 25 minutes from our house, and we've been meaning to visit since we've moved here, but never got around to it. What a fun way to discover new cities!!! You may want to click on the photos to enlarge them for better viewing.
Store window displays are amazing!

Advent candle displays

WWI memorial statue

No clue who the bronze statue is of, but it made a good photo op!

A Woolworth store!!!

The city center was only open to pedestrian traffic, but had wide roads. Perfect for strolling without it feeling crowded!! I'm sure it looks magical at night when all the lights are on!

Bella loves street musicians!

Famous Bayreuth dinosaur, lol!
Oh no!!!! LOL!

He doesn't look too mean though!

Yes, Bella is 9. Yes, Bella still rides these!

Love the "gingerbread" houses!

Bella having some Nurnberg sausages!

Daddy loves 'em too!

LOVED the crystal items they had here!

Some Polish pottery

"Bad" in German means "bath", but I told Thomas if he wasn't good I'd spank him with the Bad Brush, lol! This is the face he made!!!

It looks like this is set up for a storytime show.

This scene was just bizarre. So I photographed it, lol!

I was really sorely tempted here, but didn't buy anything.

LOVE these "smokers"!!! They use incense cones and these rabbit fur figures are so cute!

Bella thought this "street light" snow globe was the bomb!

Pretty cool pharmacist's sign.

Carb Heaven - potatoes and pasta!!

The incredible Cone of Meat!!! What kind of meat? No clue!!! But this is what doner sandwiches are made of and they are the bestest best sandwiches you can eat!!! Pita bread filled with lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes, with a creamy cucumber sauce. Everyone eats them eat and everyone loves 'em!!!!

Traditional German pickle ornament! Parents hide the pickle in the Christmas tree, and the child that finds it on Christmas morning gets an extra present!!!

They have GORGEOUS handmade Nativity sets here!!
We may wind up getting one before too long!

Gingerbread cookies!

You just can't say no to The Bella!

Slightly creepy mannequin Nativity scene.

Bella loved these lamps!

Ceramic Princes??

Very pretty tea shop!

This is a two-faced snowman! Don't trust him, lol!!!

Bad photo, but these were soooo beautiful!

Honey stand!

For when you're really hungry!

Before and after! Building holding up amazingly!!!

Fish shop

A great introduction to a lovely town and our first Christmas market of the season!!! Get ready - we plan to do TONS this year!!!


Intense Guy said...

Thanks for sharing all the great photos! That town looks like the perfect pre-Christmas place to visit.

AliceKay said...

You have some terrific photos here. I loved the little videos, too. Bella has good taste. I loved that "street light" snow globe, too. :)

Looks like you had a great time.

Gracie said...

Wow!!! Love the pix!!! Where was that fish market!! We have been looking for one???