Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday #234

Although I had hoped to have something crafty to show you today, alas, I've got nothin'! As usual, lol! Just a photo of my badly neglected stamp room, where craftiness should be going on!!

But it's OK, because I'm quite busy in the kitchen cooking and baking for our American holiday of Thanksgiving tomorrow!! I will be bustling around the house, getting everything "just so", and then we can relax and eat like gluttons over the four day weekend! We are so very blessed with our faith, our family and our friends, and I'm especially thankful to have my soldier husband home with me, and not deployed in a war zone.

Thank you for popping in to visit me today, and hopefully, *fingers crossed*, I'll have something marvelous to show you next week! If you'd like to share what you're most grateful for this holiday season, I will pick a winner from those who comment with a handmade Christmas Card and ornament!!!


MrsC.x said...

i am happy and thankful to be ALIVE!!to be able to still cuddle my babies after some horrific post op complications that nearly had me departing this life.
I am also thank full for my gorgeous helpful loving hubby and fabulous friends near and far. :)

Mrs C.xx

ike said...

I hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving :-D

Happy WOYWW #234

IKE in Greece xx #57

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Mary said...

I'm impressed with how organized your room is! Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Laura said...

It looks enticing - ready for crafting when you are.
I was thinking last night that despite my illness I am still able to craft and for that I am hugely thankful.
So good to be back desking this week,

Regina said...

Ohhhh you are so organized..come here and help me please..hehe

I hope that you, Thomas and The Bella have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Tell Thomas...thank you for serving, and thank YOU for supporting him.

I'm thankful for ALL the Blessings the good LORD gives me each and everyday.

Hugs and Happy Happy Thanksgiving,

Intense Guy said...

I hope that you, Thomas (Sir!) and The delightful Bella have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

I'm thankful for my family - they have been there for me the past few months.

Hammers said...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving..I am grateful that we have found kind friends to adopt us over this 4 day holiday in our new City. Cx #30

KatheD said...

Jeannie, I'm most grateful for so many blessings that I can't begin to choose just one but want you to know that among them, I'm grateful that you're back to blogging again and sharing your amazing talents!

Rita said...

I didn't even post for WOYWW this week because I haven't done anything crafty yet this week at all, either. Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

I am the most grateful for something, but it's a secret so I can't tell you online. Email me!! :):):)

Sandy said...

I'm most thankful that I am healthy and here to live another day! Happy Thanksgiving!

Sharon Madson said...

Love your wonderfully organized space! :) I am most thankful for my salvation and for my husband. God is so good to me, and so is my husband, even though I don't deserve it! :) Happy Thanksgiving!
Sharon #3

Ribbon Girl said...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Jeanne - I'm always very thankful for my family! God has always been so good to me, hugs from Mary x

Gail said...

I'm Canadian, so we were thankful a month ago, but I'm always thankful to have my family home for holidays!
My son will be home for Christmas, he's in the Navy.

Gita said...

Sorry so late. Been busy over 2 days...very tidy desk. Mine hasn't been used much this month. But my room isn't as tidy as yours. :-) Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving -- it would seem so, having hubbie home and not deployed. Brigita #82

Maxam Made said...

Great Space, I bet you creat some very beautiful things in it!!!! I'm an Happily married Air Force wife, and Marine mom! I am thankful the Mercy that God pours into my life everyday. I hope you have a great weekend! Ginny #19