Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Post-It Note Tuesday!

The disaster zone!:

 Desk? What desk?? Updating my stamp binder. PITA!!!

 Cardstock on the floor??? Big no-no!!

 Old stuff, new stuff, stuff everywhere! HUGE stack of stamps on their way out!

Disaster on the shelves and on the floor!!

UGH!! Calgon take me away.....LOL!


SueAnn Lommler said...

Your studio space looks organized next to mine. I am sure a grenade went off in mine. Huh! Maybe that is what happened!! Ha

Mary said...

Your knee was probably predicting the incoming rain...at least that's what mine does ;o)

If you keep making Ah-Mazing cards, then you're allowed to have a mess every once in awhile!

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Jeannie, just do a little at a time, that way it won't seem so overwhelming, kate x

MrsC.x said...

Hiya Jeannie love thats really not a mess you should see mine!!

hope your knee feels better soon and you get some zzz's


Intense Guy said...

Hope you find some Quackers!!!

Darla said...

You always have a good sense of humor. Your stamping space looks great to me.

Rita said...

Did you get out to see the ducks? Some of those putsy craft projects, like the stamp folder, take a LOT of time to do.

I think your knee might have been reacting to the weather, too. It is hard to be functional when you are so exhausted. I know. I hope you get to do some of your organizing soon. :)

AliceKay said...

I hope you found the ducks. Would be a shame to walk there and not see them. *quack quack* ;)

I hope the weather cooperates for the family fun day tomorrow (today). We've had flooding rains here but so far we're okay. It's been very wet and humid, too. The heat (highs in the 90s) returns this weekend. Oh yay...not. :(

I hope you get some sleep. I don't even know what that is anymore. LOL Gotta get up early and go to work early in the morning so I'm heading out now to try to find that elusive stuff our bodies need. Goodnight!

Heatherlyn said...

Your disaster room still looks pretty organized! I hope you get your outdoor family day, and that your knee feels better. Really I wish you could consistently get enough sleep, or feel well rested. At least Bella isn't fighting you on the homework. :)

Deanna said...

I'm looking for my mojo. Have you seen it? Your stamp room doesn't look all that bad! I just legit mine in a huff after I messed up my DIL's birthday card. Hope your knee gets to feeling better.

Christina Wernstrum said...

O my! What are you going to do with all the old stuff? huge sale? invite me! we won't talk about how long its been since I crafted.