Monday, July 1, 2013


Anyone out there??? It's been a long while since I've blogged, but I'm still pluggin' along over here. June was a month of setbacks and disappointments, but I'm doing my best to "rally". I haven't been in my stamp room in weeks, and frankly I don't relish the thought of it. It's a huge mess, and the mess will be getting worse before it gets better. *sigh* But I won't allow myself to play with any of the new goodies I showed on my last post, until it's all done. So...time to get to work! I'm still not sleeping all that great, but some is better than none. The sun is out today (YAY!) but not mind-meltingly hot, so I'm hoping it will be a super, duper productive day!!!

I do have some photos to share though!
This was my first batch of pasta! I used it for fresh shrimp alfredo and it was delish!

These were used for this...
My very first, all from scratch!, lasagna!!! It was pretty good, but not quite spicy enough. I did make it again, with two more layers, and it was sublime! I even made homemade sauce!!

Bella playing on her first official day of Summer Vacation! She wanted a pajama day and she got it!

My next pasta adventure was making ravioli! This attachment made four at a time, and I didn't realize just how tiny they were going to be. I had made a filling that was too "chunky" for it, and I knew they would burst if I boiled them. Ugh! So, digustedly I popped 'em in the fridge and Thomas saved dinner with take-out pizza instead. There was NO WAY I was throwing them away, after hours of work!, so I floured each one, then dipped in beaten egg and then bread make toasted ravioli!!! These were my bestest pasta creation yet!!! Dipped in spagetti sauce, they made an incredible dinner!!! This platter was just half of what I made, and I still had 40% of the raviolis left!! So I froze them for a quick, yummy snack later on.

We had been yearning for "summer" weather, and boy did we get it! For over a week the sun came out and roasted us alive with temps in the 90's!!!! We don't have A/C here in Germany, and even with fans going in every room, it was really uncomfortable. The third floor was nearly unlivable and that's where our bedrooms are! Ugh!

But at least The Bella had this:
A new pool! Kind of "babyish", but the largest the PX had.
And she loves it!
Especially with her new Hello Kitty bathingsuit!

I also found and put up her outside tent to play in!

Having fun!

This is her "mermaid" bathingsuit!

With Bella home with me now, she got to help make some pasta!! And she did great!
Kneading the dough like a champ!

Rolling out the dough with the pasta machine!

Gorgeous thin spaghetti!! Each lovely strand perfectly separated!
And we used it for this:
Chilled pasta salad made with chicken breast and fresh veggies!

Close-up view

Next up, larger raviolis!
These were filled with a seasoned ricotta cheese, topped with homemade sauce! SO GOOD!!!

Last Saturday, Thomas did a 10 mile run. He does that. For "fun"!!! (weirdo!) If you ever see me running, you had best be running too, because something awful is chasing me, lol!
Look how sweaty he was!

Yeah, he's pretty tough!

But he was pretty sore too, lol!

So there ya go....I've loaded up all the photos and videos from my hard drive! Now to get busy around here, keeping up with the housework and hopefully making some good progress on my stamping studio too! Bella has been doing work books to keep all that 3rd grade knowledge fresh, and tomorrow we'll be working on some flashcards to improve her math functions as well. I hope the skies are pretty and blue where you are, and you have a great week ahead!


cuilliesocks said...

Hello Jeannie, good to see you back posting and sorry to hear that life has had it's difficulties for you. I hope things are better now or at least easier.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos, Bella looks gorgeous, and your hubby looks a superhero. I don't do excersise either.

Your food looks amazing, bet it tasted yummy. Take care, Hugs Kate x

SueAnn Lommler said...

10 mile run??? Yikes!
Love Bella's fashion show too and all that pasta looks so's morning but I am hungry for spaghetti!!

Life in a Small Town said...

Are you freakin' kidding me??? You're making your own pasta???? Geez! :D (LOL!)

Mary said...

Yummy pasta!!

Don't feel bad, our housing in HI didn't have AC either :o( I'm praying you don't melt!

Intense Guy said...

Welcome back!!

I hope you got TWO pools - you need one too!!

Jennifer - The Deliberate Mom said...

Wow! You've been one busy lady! Bella is growing so much! It's crazy!

Love all those pasta pictures. I've got to make homemade pasta sometime soon. You make me crave it.

Wishing you a lovely day.

Faye said...

It's been a while since I've visited you, Jeannie. Looks like you are enjoying the Italian cooking. Wow, lasagna from a scratch. Very impressive. Your little princess is growing up so fast.

Rita said...

Homemade pasta! Wow! I have never tried to do that. Everything you made looks delicious and Bella did a great job helping, too.
What a crazy pool--LOL! But what a place to be when it's 90 degrees outside. I don't know how you can stand it with no AC!! Awk!!
I had trouble sleeping this past week (pain) and it messes me all up, too. I got nothing done and, even though I have slept the past two nights, it will take me a while to get back on track. I hope you got into your craft room. I am at least sorting through a box of card making stuff today that was given to us. A step in the right direction. ;) Stay cool!!

AliceKay said...

The pool is cute and it does the job...makes Bella both happy and cooler. :)

Looks like you've been keeping pretty busy. The pasta creations look great.

Heatherlyn said...

I have been seeing your Facebook posts about the pasta and it looks incredible!! You have been able to get a lot done even though you didn't feel well. I hope the sunshine keeps up!

Christina Wernstrum said...

LOL if you ever find my body next to a running trail, you know I was murdered! I can sympathize with the hot 90 degree no a/c got so hot at work I got a major fever blister. I had to wear a band aid on my face for weeks.