Saturday, July 6, 2013

Playing at the park!

Yesterday, after we finished our errands, we headed out to our local park. The weather was just too gorgeous to be inside!!! (And I hope it lasts too!)

Bella was just jibber-jabbering away...and these kids were German! Funny thing is, it didn't matter!! Kids really do have a language all their own.

See Bella's pretty barrette? It's a real starfish, painted and decorated that she got on Org Day! She likes to wear it all the time now.

She ALWAYS goes on the zipline, lol!

A squirrel!!!! This is the very first one I've seen since we've lived overseas!! He was fast too!

And....she's pooped! LOL!

Then we went downtown to window shop and admire our town!


Ms. Sarah said...

the red squirrls are so cute as babys. They have little mohawks. We have some that live outside our window. Love the starfish barrette. yes they do!

AliceKay said...

It looks like Bella had a great time at the park. Cute kids. lol

Love the starfish barrette. :)

If you see one squirrel, there must be more. Keep an eye out. ;)

Regina said...

OMGOSH...I'm so jealous. It's raining, raining and raining some more here. Blehhhh!! hehe

Looks like ya'll had a blast at the park and OMGOSH...Bella is growing so fast. A little beauty blooming!!!

Hmmmmmmm, I might just have to send a few hair barrettes to her. I love making them but I just can't talk the Chazman into wearing them...dang it. ROFL!!!!


Gail said...

Sure glad I came by to see what you were up to!
It's raining, so maybe a few cards are in the forcast for me!

Heatherlyn said...

That is so funny that she was talking away to the kids who spoke a different language. I wonder if she is picking up any German? The German probably understand quite a bit of English, even if they don't speak it.

I love that Thomas was playing with her at the park. (I never did really like to get in there and actually play at the park with my kids.)

The squirrel looks a different color than our gray squirrels here on the West Coast. It looks more brown.

Intense Guy said...

Those squirrels are hard to take pichures of... :)

Hey, where are the pics of YOU playing on the seesaw?

Rita said...

Looks like the red squirrels we have here. We have grey squirrels, too, but I wish we had some black ones because they are so striking! Saw them in Canada years ago.

What a wonderful place you live! Having good weather makes all the difference, doesn't it? :)

Christina Wernstrum said...

I loved the ziplines in Germany. I would play on them too and those net swings. good place for a nap! Love Bella's barrette.