Saturday, July 6, 2013

Charlie Company Org Day - July 3, 2013

On Wednesday, Thomas' company had their "Organizational Day". It's basically a day where there's food and fun, and family members are invited to share in it! This one was really well organized and so much fun for the kids!
Bella saw this and went nutz!!

One of the wives was hired to do face painting and temporary tatoos.

Although it's supposed to be a rock climbing wall, mostly it was used for bouncing!!!

New Company Commander, Capt. Manning, and her two kids.

This little girl made it to the top!

Bella decides to give it a try too.

And this was about how far she got, lol!

She's down...and out! Proud of her for trying!!!!

She made lots of new friends too.

Thomas getting his face painted!

Lots of grillin' goin' on!

Eating, eating, eating!!! I really DO fed her - honest!

Giggle girls!

Yeah, he's a badass 1SG!!

Bella's face painting - apples for Applejack pony!

Daddy and The Bella (with her mouth full!)


AliceKay said...

Aww, what a great family day. Looks like Bella (and Thomas) had a great time, too. Bella gets an 'A' for effort from me on trying that rock climbing wall. :)

Regina said...

What a great day for the families to get together. I think it's awesome that they do this...a great way to meet everyone.

Bella always looks like she is having so much fun..^_^

Ohhh Evil Thomas!!!! You are blessed to have a hubby that loves doing things with ya'll and showing how much he loves it.


Heatherlyn said...

It didn't look too crowded, which means that it was lots of fun!

My kids have always been total climbers. They really go for those climbing things.

I'm so glad the weather has been good for you. Nice weather is SO NICE!!!!

Intense Guy said...

Did YOU try the rock climb??


Rita said...

What a great day--sun and fun! Looks like everybody had a blast. I'm afraid of heights, so I wouldn't have ever tried the rock climbing! Bella is braver than I am. ;)

Christina Wernstrum said...

I think I would be intimidated by that rock wall too holy crow. Loving the pic with Thomas and full mouthed Bella I laugh everytime I see it!