Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday #201

Time again for that wonderful, world-wide nosy into other crafter's workspaces! This weekly treat is brought to us by the lovely Miss Julia, of Stamping Ground!!! Be sure to check it out and link up too!

My pitiful desk this morning!:
A mess of "dumped on" stuff!!!

It's rather ironic that I was just having this conversation yesterday (Hi, Jean!) about how my desk and room are perfectly tidy about 98% of the time. Obviously this falls into the other 2%!!!! Sadly, I haven't been in there for a week, and it shows. I have my stamp book (huge, pink monstrosity on the left) out, but I have no clue why. On top of it are some things I printed out God knows when, that I found when I was cleaning my office space downstairs yesterday. I have the SU catalog and spring catalog out because they were offering free shipping over the weekend and I wanted to take advantage of it. Alas, I didn't even need anything!!!! Then we have a new, little order from The Ribbon Girl. Mostly delicious beaded string and colored daisies, with a few bits and bobs that decided to hop in the cart as well, lol! I have my latest Magnolia magazine out....LOVE the card on the cover but cannot find that stamp anywhere (Help me if you can!!). And of course the staple on any crafter's desk....chocolate! I am down to my last bag of Raspberry M&Ms from the States, and it needs to hide in my room lest other family members think it's for them!!!! Don't judge me, you know you hide treats too!!!! (right?)

I simply must get in there today! Firstly, because now that I've publicly shown my desk is a mess, it needs to be fixed ASAP! And more importantly, it's been a week since I've crafted, and that is 7 days too long. Stamping keeps me (somewhat) sane. It's going to be hard to justify buying one of everything in the new, upcoming catalog if I don't use up some of this hoard of stuff first!!!

Happy crafting and do please leave me a comment! I'll be around to see you all soon!


craftydebs said...

What a neat desk loving the "essential" supplies! Have a good day!

Belinda Basson said...

Mess? That's a mess? You haven't been to my place on a bad day then!

MrsC.x said...

Mess?! what Mess!?!?! Jeannie love you need to have a look at my mess this week it is over the whole of the back of my living room!! lol

pssst i hide treats too shhh don't tell everyone! ;)

Mrs.C xx

Claire said...

that looks far too neat to be a dumped-on desk! i've never tried the raspberry m&ms... i'm a peanut girl :)
thanks for stopping by already!
happy WOYWW and have a great week :)
no. 4

Neil said...

Happy Wednesday, I hope you are having, or going to have, or have already had a great day (dependent on where exactly in the world you are!)
We can't be neat all the time; Hope you get some crafting time in soon, it's good for the soul. Thanks for popping by my place earlier and don't worry, next week I will be back to my usual creative chaos I expect.
Neil #7

Helen said...

What mess, where? You'd better not stop by desk 8 then (mine!) if you think you have a mess....!
Raspberry M&M's?? I need someone to bring me some over pronto, they sound wonderful...!! Helen, 8 (you have been warned!)

Jackie said...

Thanks for visiting me bright and early this morning
Untidy desk ..... No mine had been left three weeks !!!
Keep them hidden so no one else eats them
Jackie 3

Eliza said...

That is not a mess it is creativity waiting to happen.

Eliza 47

Maisie Moonshine said...

My stamp catalogue is a huge pink monstrosity too! Don't know what I'd do without it though!

Raspberry M&Ms sound divine! (I have some Minstrels hiding in my drawer - confessions of a candy cacher part 2)

Have a great week MMx #67

Twiglet said...

Looks OK to me - of course I AM the queen of tidiness this week!! x Jo

Neet said...

Isn't it strange how what we perceive as messy/untidy others don't see it that way at all. Your desk looks fine to me, honestly. Now mess is mine this week (I am avoiding going in there today after the break I had yesterday) as there is no room to craft - not a bit. Yet others say it is not bad. I give up!
Thanks for visiting me earlier - Hugs, Neet number 16 xx

jill said...

No No it not at all messy . I'm with you wanting to keep a little something back for yourself , enjoy your M&M's . Happy woyww Jill #45

Caz said...

Good girl for not ordering anything - I manage to order even when I don't want a single thing 'cause you have to 'cause it's free post!!! Sad person am I!! Desk looks tidy to me!
Enjoy your M&Ms - I'm not allowed them any more!! :-(

The Taming of the Glue said...

That is definitely NOT a messy desk! Yay...someone else with a secret stash of essential energy providers! Happy WOYWW. Pam#23

scrappymo! said...

Thanks for the kind comments on #30.

You desk looks not too bad...mine just ahppened to klook good this week as I had placed all the bits and bobs into a scrapbook album box and carry over to my bins to be refiled. Funny that it all fit in there cuz it looked like 3 boxes worth when it was all over my desk...just bit and bobs from my last three cards!

Love your big pink stamp looks nice and FULL!

sandysewin said...

Your desk looks pretty tidy to me. And I'm loving that purple bag of M&Ms!

Happy Woyww,

Sandy #91

Intense Guy said...

If that is a mess, I don't want to know what you think my place looks like! :)

505whimsygirl said...

Hi there. Oh, I don't see a mess at all! I heard about the free shipping from SU when it was too late.

I noticed the chocolates right away. I keep a bowl of Hershey kisses in my frig. Somehow I think I eat them more slowly that way.....

Kay (12)

BJ said...

Well I don't think it is tah messy really. Your new goodies look good, but you could have taken them out of the packets so we could have had a better look - LOL. Thanks for visiting me today BJ#20

Sandy Leigh said...

It sounds like you have a room for your craft area--that's what I need, a separate craft room so I can just shut the door on my mess! Well--I do LOVE Mad Men. I was an advertising copywriter for 20 years and can relate to so much. BUT, I was very disappointed with the season six opener...I felt like it was too much about trying to make Don look like he was suddenly taking a left turn with his character...and why did Betty say that stuff about that girl? I was a little disturbed. Anyhoo...I hope the MM writers get it back on track! I'm glad to find a fellow Mad Men watcher though. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #52

Winnie said...

Love your area! I am chuckling as I live in the states and have never seen those M & M's! I have to go look for them. So funny! Your Tilda project is so lovely.

Lisa said...

Oh my word, if you think that's messy, what must you think of my desk! Happy WOYWW! Lisa Sparkle :)

2busy said...

My desk is covered in sewing supplies right now. It is a complete mess.

Caro said...

I do not call that a mess...there may be things on top of your desk, but they are neatly placed and easy to put away again! Thanks for sharing. Caro #53

Uniflame said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! The first thing that I noticed was raspberry M&M's! I mean I didn't know they even exist! Now I want some, haha.

Angelfish said...

That looks like very orderly 'mess' to me! Thanks for stopping by today. I'll be sure to blog my progress with the dress :o)

fairy thoughts said...

HI jeanie
Looks pretty tidy to me ..... pass the M and M's
janet #25

Anonymous said...

Raspberry M&Ms????? I must track some of those down! Oh, yes, treats most definitely get hidden at our house. My current spot is in the basket with my paper punches -- shhhhhh! Happy WOYWW from Laura #100

sara j said...

Yep - my current treat (until I ate the last two) was Bit O Honey and they live in the third drawer designated for junk. I would never think of leaving them in plain sight! And I'm with Laura - raspberry M & M's? They sound utterly amazing. I'll go scouting for them and pick you up a bag if I find them. Your desk looks great - love the bright PINK notebook. Thanks for stopping by the Fun Room.
Sara j

Karen Ives said...

It looks very tidy to me,I have to confess I spotted the chocolate firts!
Karen #73

akilli melek said...

oh jeannie, I actually laughed out loud and the not judging part. you are right, i do hide treats....shameful but true.
thanks for cheering me up a bit, and thanks for popping by earlier
caroline (akillimelek #69)

scrappyjen said...

Busy desk! I am trying to visit everyone! jenx 129

Nan G said...

Messy...ha...depends on who turns the light on, doesn't it? I hope you had a good time in my part of Florida! Thanks for stopping by my desk. Happy WOYWW! Nan #9

Di said...

That's not a mess! It's just a happy place to be :) Hugs, Di xx

Cardarian said...

I think your desk is tidy even though you think it is not! The few things that are layed out are just what we want to see and enjoy snooping! :-)

Anonymous said...

That is SO not a mess! Really, you need to work harder and being shamefully chaotic, like so many of us. And any desk with chocolate on is a winner in my book :)

MA (10) and late

Fandhmum said...

What a lovely desk, I feel this is really quite tidy, good luck with your Magnolia stamp search.
Thanks for dropping by,
Rosie x

sandra de said...

Mess .. what mess? that looks pretty good to me. Your stamp book is enormous. Your collection of stamps must be amazing.
sandra @28

Anonymous said...

Looks like you've definitely got all the bases covered there Jeannie, new stuff, old stuff, pretty magazines and catalogues, and of course, chocolate!!

Brenda 96

Ali said...

Hahaha, you don't know the *meaning* of mess! :lol: You've visited my blog and seen my desk - now *that's* mess... and that's relatively tidy for me! :D

Ali #79

RosC said...

That is some stamp book, Jeannie! Your desk looks good but sad to hear that it's been unoccupied for a week. Go, go, go!
Thanks for you comment - gotcha hint. Did some messing about last night and they are great to use - just need a few more now.... ;-)
Ros #99

Ann B said...

Thanks for visiting the other day, afraid I'm a bit late getting round the desks this week so apologies for that.
Always admire a tidy desk because mine never is, love your neat stamp pad storage, looks very invititing.

Ann B


G'day Jeannie
I've resigned myself to the fact that I shall ever be running late to get to others blogs due to my work but here I am. Oh goodness woman you have no idea what real mess is till you have seen my desk after a mixed media session LOL. Love your desk the way it is
Annette In Oz #109

SueH said...

Thanks for stopping by this week Jeannie. I’m sorry it’s taken my so long to make a return visit but just not felt much like spending time on the computer up till now. But I’m on the mend now and ‘ready to party’.

Raspberry M & M’s???????, they sound a bit yummy!
Loving all the new goodies on your desk, especially those pearl strings. I was looking for them myself before Christmas to sew onto the Advent calendar I was making and couldn’t find Red, Green and Gold all in the same size to finish it in time for the start of December. It’s now in the cupboard, waiting to be finished for this year.
Happy Crafting!

Tamika said...

I am a super hoarder and I am trying to dig out older stuff and use it and focus on using it soon!Happy WOYWW!!!