Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bella Art & some Good Mail!

Bella was a bit antsy today, so to occupy her (and get her out of my butt crack!), I suggested she color a picture for her sister. I even Googled "My Little Pony" and found TONS of free coloring pages. Bonus!! She was so creatively inspired that she also made a mini book too. I'm sure Alex will love 'em!

On Monday, after stalking my mailbox for days, my latest Ribbon Girl order arrived! Yay! I follow the shop on Facebook and they keep posting all their new stuff when it comes in. IMPOSSIBLE to resist!!! While shopping I found these:
 Gorgeous beads!
Not sure how I'll use them, but I'm thinking butterflies and the sea...

Pretty stringed pearls and beads. I like these smaller sizes better than the larger ones I got in the States. I wanted these originally to use on my waffle paper eggs, but I may go ahead and use them on cards and get more later for next year's eggs.

 Pearl swirlies and four British soldiers (Beefeaters!)

Sequined ribbon (what I originally went there for, lol!), and some nice mesh. I've seen that used a lot lately and really like the texture for cards.

Three colors of daisies! LOVE daisies!!! Some got a bit smooshed in transit, but I can flatten them out just fine. The centers are slightly glittered and they are so lovely! I like the sort of "vintage-y" shades!


Deanna said...

You got some really nice bling there. I've never ordered from ribbon girl... need to check her out. I need to find the time to craft and get a SU order placed. I do not know where the time goes!

BJ said...

Yes definitely YUMMY goodies, love the mesh and the sad cat is so funny. Thanks for letting me know BJ#20

SueAnn Lommler said...

Great supplies......Love the seed beads.

Gail said...

Oh what fun!
LOVE happy mail, as for the WOYWW, I have NEVER seen the Raspberry M & M's here!?
I did see pretzel ones over Easter!

AliceKay said...

Bella did a nice job with her artwork. I'm impressed. :)

Looks like you received lots of goodies for furture projects. Have fun creating!