Saturday, January 5, 2013

We're back!!!

What a trip!! It was so amazing to visit my first "baby" Alex in Florida!! We had free round-trip tickets back to the US thanks to Uncle Sam, and we used them to have a fun filled, family Christmas vacation! Huge thank you's to Alex and Nathan for allowing the Kupsh Invasion, and sharing Christmas with us. We saved up a long time for this trip and it was fun spending it with you, lol!

I have TONS of photos to share, naturally, so I will be spending the weekend uploading them all. Why not...I'm not sleeping anyway, lol! (Stupid jet lag!)

At the airport in Nurnberg....
I saw this airplane playground when I traveled to England last September, and thought how much Bella would have loved it. I didn't realize at the time she soon would!

Captain Bella!

She didn't want to leave it, but we did eventually have to get to our gate, lol! It was a short flight from Nurnberg to Frankfurt (just under an hour), but we had to wait two hours before we took off. We only had about an hour layover in Frankfurt, before our 10 1/2 hour flight to Orlando. UGH!!! Those flights are so long and so exhausting!!!! None of us slept on the way over, and by the time we got our bags and finally met up with Alex, we'd been traveling 21 straight hours. I don't think I'd do that for anyone else but her, lol!!!

The next day we ventured out and did a little shopping. We had lunch at Panera Bread (LOVE!!!) and the fancy-schmancy shopping area had a pretty little garden spot. So we took a couple of quick shots!
Action shot! Bella making a wish at the fountain!

My beauties!

Thomas sitting on a bench...guarding my sweet tea!! Love both, lol!!

Oh no!! A Florida gator has got Thomas!

We went to Michael's, SUPER Target! (when did they make those???), and a couple of other places. All I can say is....sensory overload!!! I was so tired, and the dazzling selection of so much stuff was really quite overwhelming, lol! When you are used to just a small commissary for groceries, and a small PX for everything else, shopping in the US seems like a massive undertaking! Still, it was really fun and everyone spoke English, lol!!!!


Shan G said...

Super Targets have been around for a while, although I thought they were called Target Greatland. LOL

Can't wait to see more pics of your trip. :D

Queenie Jeannie said...

Well, the sign said Super Target, lol!! I guess they are copying Walmart...only better. LOVE that store and this one was huge!!!!

Life in a Small Town said...

Just got caught up with your posts. Looks like y'all had an amazing time! Alex looks so young...she doesn't look old enough to be on her own! :)
Glad y'all had such a good visit, and you're right: having a family vacay is the best present you could ask for!

Christina said...

I remember that feeling coming from the Germany. Did you go Check out downtown Disney?