Saturday, January 5, 2013

Going to the Zoo! Part 1

This zoo is very close to where Alex lives, and she had free passes because of some volunteer work she had done with the Air Force. We had a blast!!
This cheetah was very close to us!

Then all of a sudden it got up and smashed into the plexiglass below us!! Someone must have been doing something to bother it, and if it hadn't been for the glass partition, someone would have been lunch!!!

We spent a lot of time with the giraffes! Sounds dumb to say, but they are realllly tall, lol! We got to feed them too and it was a riot! They have the longest and strongest tongues!

The bird likes me, lol!

We had a yummy lunch of hotdogs and fries...except I had onion rings and they were the best ever!!! I'll be right back with part 2 of the zoo adventure!

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Christina said...

Finally a picture of the Queen! LOL even if she has a bird on her head! True story same thing happened to us that happened with the cheetah with a beluga whale at sea world It rammed the glass trying to get at my baby! She must have looked like a fat seal!