Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas!!!! Part 2

Back for more Christmas joy!!

Hello Kitty Lego set from Sissy!

Completer set for her Wedding Castle!
Nathan loves Game of Thrones! YAY!! We watched Seasons 1 & 2 while there!

Second most requested toy - Princess Cadance toy!

Do you think she liked it???


Hello Kitty game from Sissy!

Alex bought herself this huge kit. I don't think she'll ever grow up, lol! :D

A Vikings fan!!! Nathan's stock is going up all the time!!!!!

Hello Kitty scrapbooking kit!
Perfect for all our holiday photos!
Alex gave Nathan a survival kit! Tons of stuff in a tiny tin!!! 
So ready for the Zombie Apocalypse!

New Ponies for her collection!
What's this??

Car care kit for her brand new Mustang convertible!!

More Hello Kitty Legos!
Ugh, Monopoly!! And yes, she made us play. And I lost. (stupid game!!!)

Bug out/travel bag! SO cool!
We found a cheaper version for our traveling too. Love!!

Nathan's big, surprise present!

Alex bought the poster and then had it framed.

Bella opening her last, big present from Sissy...

...some help needed!

What is it????

Hello Kitty camera and case!
Her camera broke before we moved, and she's missed it!


A Hello Kitty videocamera and case!

AND a tripod!!!!
And you thought I spoiled her, does Alex!

Hugs and kisses from a very grateful little sister!!!
Group hug!

Alex checking out her stocking...

Gorgeous diamond earrings from Nathan!

She loves 'em!

Thomas got a Packers helmet...

...robot doll, and desk organizer (not pictured) from 
Alex and Nathan!
And his ipad from ME!!

I got my HUGE order from Stampin Up and Kindle Fire from Thomas!! I also got a gorgeous gold and diamond necklace and crown charm from Alex and Nathan. But really, this family vacation was the best present ever!!!! (But that doesn't mean I'm giving up My Precious!)

Alex building her pirate ship!
Capt. Jack Sparrow!

Bella pretty much sat here all day long, lol!

Best turkey ever....sooooo good! We had all the fixin's and it was a nice, casual Christmas dinner, eaten while watching Game of Thrones, lol! Love!!!

Alex's completed ship!

I still have to take photos of my gifts, plus all the goodies I bought while shopping! PLUS loads of posts coming up of our trip to Seaworld, Disney World, and Legoland!!!


SueAnn Lommler said...

Looks and sounds like a fun Christmas was had by all.
Fun pics

Christina said...

Looks wonderful! So glad everyone had a great Christmas! So Jealous about the game of thrones tho. Waiting to watch season 2