Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas!!!! Part 1

We begin our Christmas story on the day before...
When Alex and Bella got to decorate the tree! Alex had had it set up (it's a pre-lit tree) when we got there, and was waiting for us to decorate it. Bella was SOOOO excited because we didn't decorate at the house. (Next year we'll go nutz, but I didn't want to come back after a long trip and have to face taking it all down!) This was the first time I've ever had zero hand in decorating!!!! I just let them have fun, and kept my OCD to myself, lol!

Bella insisted that the tinsel garland be put up. Even though one was silver and one was gold and there wasn't enough of either color to fill up the tree. But I kept my big mouth shut!!!!

Bella posing, lol!

Funny story: When Alex was younger and still living with us, I'd always buy her holiday socks. EVERY holiday, EVERY year, year after year!! When we were out shopping, she begged me to buy her some holiday socks! I got her three!!! My kids know I'm such a softie!!!

Military turtledoves! I found these at the craft fair I did last month. Since Alex is also military, these were perfect!!!
Bella posing - again!

Almost done, and putting on the Angel!
All done!!
And it's perfect!!

Then we baked up some pumpkin pies!! They turned out PERFECTLY!!! And they were devoured in quick order - I only got one piece!!!! (I'm making two more tomorrow because Thomas & I need our fix still, lol!) We also made a Chocolate Chip Chocolate pudding pie. The idea was to teach Alex, but I did all the work!!

The saddest devilled eggs in history!!! Alex and I truly peed our pants making these!! I was showing her how to make them, and bragging that the ones I made for Thanksgiving were out of this world, because I had learned the "right" way to make boiled eggs. So yeah, I do the same thing this time...except when we went to peel them, they wouldn't peel!!! More was attached to the shell than the egg, and they were coming out crappy!! For some reason, it was just hysterical!!! So we're cackling like two crazed hens in the kitchen, and the guys were wondering if we had opened up some wine or something, lol! Such a fun and great memory!!! Still, we carried on, and finished them. And they looked horrible!

We made the guys taste them for us...first Nathan...

...then Thomas!
And they were delicious!!!! Just ugly, lol!

A beautiful, Florida Christmas sunrise!

Bella coming down the stairs!

Santa brought her the #1 thing she asked for (and asked for and ASKED FOR!!) the My Little Pony Wedding Castle!! Over.The.Moon.With.Happiness!!!!!


Checking it all out!

Then time to check out her stocking!
(Which thanks to Bella we remembered to pack!!!)

Kinder chocolates!

Hello Kitty Pez dispenser!

Candy galore!

Christmas ring pops!

Snowman poop!
She also got reindeer poop too! (Loves these!!!)

Trying out the chocolate euro coins!


Alex and Nathan

Moved the castle to open gifts.
Bella supervised!

Donning a pink Vikings Santa hat, Bella helped distribute the gifts!


And Sissy helped with her purple Vikings hat!

Time to open them yet???

How about NOW??

NOW?????? Yay!

Alex opening our gift to them. We mailed it ahead of time, lol!

See Nathan turning away?? He has issues with styrofoam, lol!

A huge Nurnberg tin, filled with German goodies!!

They loved it!

Alex and Nathan bought themselves super expensive glasses on Black Friday.

Bella's turn!

A new Tinkerbell set!
She got the movie too!

Only military peeps would enjoy getting Gerbers for Christmas, lol!

Bella's turn again! She got the Popstar doll from Sissy (and the matching Princess one from us in another package!) She also got the microphone so she can sing along with the movie, lol!
Loved it!

Stay tuned, TONS more Christmas photos coming!!!!


Cassie said...

It looks like ya'll had a wonderful, Christmas, and how wonderful that you spent it together! Happy New Year, Jeannie :D

Christina said...

Not true with the zombie thing I have seen lots of Gerber stuff I want in my arsenal! OK OK I know I am married to the military but still! Where's your pressies hmmm?