Sunday, December 9, 2012

Nuremburg Christmas Market - Part 1

This was amazing!! For a quick overview, watch these videos! They're better than mine, lol, and they explain many of the photos I took. Enjoy!
Glorious market at night!
This year's Christmas Angel!

This guy was fabulous!! And isn't "Rudolph" adorable???

Overhead decorations! They came on just before we left.

Gorgeous store displays!
This was engraved into the stone.

Yep! We're goin' the right way!!!

Bella checking out the Danube River!

Rare coins!

 Statue of Ship of Fools by a sculptor, Kurt Klutentreter
No clue what this is about, but it scared Bella!

This style of angel is an original Nuremburg tradition!


This pretty lady insisted I get her in the photo! So I did! :D

Isn't this Santa awesome??
I was thinking of you, Regina!!!

This stall had nothing but doll house items!! So cool!
I was getting SO HUNGRY about now, lol!
We had these for lunch....see more on next installment!

We forgot to pick one up.....*sad face* 
Definitely next week!!!!

Pretty angels, but 22 Euro? No way!! I'm totally making my own this week!!
I forgot the German name for these, but not sure why they're so popular, lol!
Soooo many pretty ornaments!

Handmade wooden toys!

Figures move on the hour!
Sardine, onion and pickle sandwich? Um, no thanks!
(With the tail on even!!)

Ohmygosh! TRUFFLES!!!

Love these wooden ornaments!
We got some last year!
There's more,....LOTS more!! 
Come back for Part 2!!!


Life in a Small Town said...

I really hope Bella knows what a lucky little girl she is! What great experiences she's having!

Regina said...

OMGOSH...I would have felt like I had dies and gone to craft heaven at this market. AWESOME does not even begin to cover it. I don't know what would have held my attention more...the crafts or the town.

I LOVED those Santa's and I'm glad they made you think of ME. Just hope it's because I design them and not that I look like him...hehe

Now now now...have you ever tried a Sardine sandwich? It might have been rather tastey!!