Sunday, December 9, 2012

Grafenwohr Christmas Market!

We had a very busy Saturday! We went to Post so Bella could go see this guy...
Totally worth the 45 minute wait!

Then we went into the PX, picked up a couple of things and then had lunch. Afterwards, we headed just off of post to see the Grafenwohr Christmas market! Lovin' these!!!

I don't care what kind of fair or market it is....if it's being held in Europe, there are going to be scarves, lol!

Googly eyed Santa!

A whole pig, slowly roasting!!!

It smelled soooo good!!!

Who left their boar skin here???

Children singing

Loved these suspenders!!!

FINALLY found the Greek restaurant everyone raves about!! Soon!

Going on our carriage ride!


Bella saying good-bye to the horses!

We didn't drink the "gluhwein" (heated red wine with cloves and cinnamon) but got some hard candies instead, lol! The lemon ones are for Thomas and I think he's about eaten them all already!!!

We also picked up candied mixed nuts and kettle corn! Yummmy!

My favorite Italian cookies...from the PX, lol! Came home, relaxed and Thomas got take-out for our dinner. Perfect day!!!


Rita said...

Wow! What fun!! Loved all the pics. :)

Regina said...

Oh Jeannie...what a wonderful day ya'll must have had. Was that Santa hanging off the balcony in that one shot?? WOW...I never realized how much Bella looks like YOU!!