Thursday, September 27, 2012

Travel Adventure to Merry Ole England! Part 2

Now for some fun - sharing my weekend retreat at Monk Fryston Hall!!! This is the view as you are driving up...
Simply Spectacular!!!
Our bedroom was the top set of windows, right in the front! I'm so glad we got a room (#1 at that!) in the original section of the hotel. So much charm and character in ancient buildings!!

Emily checking out the ammenities.

Monica made these for us! These "sundaes" include bath salts she made, with a loofa on top! Sooo cute!

Sitting area

Our gorgeous view

Amazing antiques everywhere! More like a home than a hotel!

Emily & Monica!

The dining room
Front lobby
Loved this!! "Far from court, far from care" How restful would a country house be compared to all the goings-on at court??? Especially during some of the more, uh, turbulent times?!?!?

Looking up at our room windows.

The ducks followed us, looking for more!!!
A perfect spot to read a book!!

Original aviary
No longer in use though.

I found blackberry bushes!!! And yes, we ate some, lol! Had I been alone, I would have devoured all the ripe ones, but I was with Emily and used restraint. Two each and left the rest for someone else...or the birds!

I took so many lush photos of this INCREDIBLE manor house, that I have to leave the rest for another post!! Come back for more of country living, England style!!!


2busy said...

Thanks for all the pictures! It makes me want to read a Jane Austen novel.

Intense Guy said...

I was thinking "Fawlty Towers" for some reason...

Did Basil "John Cleese" Fawlty check you in? :)

Rita said...

Okay! Now you must have felt like you were on a movie set!! How gorgeous and all the antiques...and the ducks! I could sit and feed the ducks all afternoon! Beautiful! :)

Deanna said...

What luxury, and history! I cannot imagine staying in such a place. I don't believe I would have wanted to go home... ever!

AliceKay said...

What a beautiful and amazing place. (on to Part 3)

Sweet Home Stamper said...

How DREAMY!! ;)

Regina said...

What a beautiful place!!! You are looks more like a very loved home.

I'm just amazed over the place..speechless!!