Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Travel Adventure to Merry Ole England! Part 1

Anyone who talks about traveling, and says that getting there is half the fun was NOT describing my latest travel adventure! Getting there was an all-day, stressed filled nightmare. Seriously!! The good part was getting there, not the path to get there, lol! But get there I did and boy do I have some wonderful photos to share with you!!!!

I arrived in Mablethorpe, where Emily lives, late Thursday evening. After the last flight, we still had a two hour+ car drive to get to her home. So I took this photo the next day. Most towns have these lovely and colorful signs! LOVE the happy mermaid!!!

In the failed quest to exchange my euro currency for British pounds, we decided to walk to the shore which is very close to her home. Emily is so lucky to be so close to the sea!!! Even on cloudy, rainy days it's wonderful!
Gorgeous beach!
Only in England, lol!

I wanted to make sure I tried fish & chips (which we had twice, and I forgot to photograph twice!!), and Indian food. I did manage to remember to photograph the Indian meal, lol! They asked me what I liked, but having never had it, we got some of everything. Perfectly reasonable, right? Don't ask me what I got, but it was all soooo yummy good!! Loved it!!! And the fish & chips? Ohmygosh! A 'small' portion is like a small whale - huge!!!! And absolutely the best fish I've ever had, ever!!! Really bummed I forgot to get a picture!!!
Some of everything!

Some of everything on my plate!!

On Friday morning, we headed to the B&B next store for a "Full English" breakfast!
A Full English consists of (from 12:00 position going clockwise): stewed tomatoes, fried bread, fried eggs (over hard just for me, lol!), sauteed mushrooms, hash brown, white pudding (Irish), black pudding, bacon (what we would call ham), sausages and beans (not as sweet as our baked beans). Does it look like a ton of food? It was!!! I couldn't eat it all, but I gave it a good try, lol! I tried the black pudding but didn't like it. I knew what it was, and still tried it - go, me!!

Carol, the owner of the B&B, makes her own jams, including the orange marmalade we had. Out of this world good!!!! There's nothing better than a good cup of tea and toast with orange marmalade!!

After getting all filled up, and getting my money exchanged, we headed back out to Leeds for the weekend retreat.
Gorgeous windmill!

One of dozens of beautiful churches on the way!

Apparently coal is still quite widely used.

Gorgeous thatched houses!
We had to stop at Zoe's house to pick up a stamp set Monica needed for the weekend. So I stayed in the car and took photos of her house like a total nerd, lol!
This is for you, Iggy! An English traffic cone!!!
He must have been enjoying her garden!

Loved the pink pig sign!

I managed to get a shot of Horncastle's sign.

We got stuck in some slow moving traffic, and I was admiring this VERY tall and wide hedge. You wouldn't believe how high - at least 12 feet! Then all of a sudden, there was a little wooden door!! Very hobbitish, lol! Luckily I was able to snap a shot!
A rooster on the roof!
(Or a cockerel when in England!)

Many homes have ivy on the walls - so pretty!

An English hedgerow!

Daisies! My favorite!!

So chuffed! That means happily excited, lol! We were in Nottinghamshire and this is the very edge of Sherwood Forest!!!!! So exciting!!!! The REAL thing! No sheriff or Robin Hood in site though...bummer. That's it for Part 1, but Monk Fryston Hall is next! STAY TUNED!!!


2busy said...

Oh wow! Looks amazing! I could almost smell the sea.

Christina said...

Glad it was everything you dreamed! Can't wait to see more!

Pixie said...

You were n my neck of the woods. I live about 35 miles from Mablethorpe, south of Skegness, on the coast. And as for Horncastle, it is one of my fav evillages ever and we go there as often as we can. The junk and antique shops there are amazing. Coal is still quite commonly used for heat and makes the most wonderful toasty fires that will warm you through and through. And the fish and chips? Well, you are so right. Whale-sized for sure! Glad you liked our little corner od the world!

ChicagoLady said...

No secret garden on the other side of that hedge? Very nice pictures!

Rita said...

How could anyone eat all that--LOL! I love the looks of the buildings and signs. Moss on the rooftop and ivy up the walls is so different. Have fun! I hope the trip home is smoother. :)

Intense Guy said...

Well, know I am certain I would like England. :) Hottity toitty garden visiting orange cones... my.. I bet they enjoy 'high tea' too!

Deanna said...

Oh my. How awesome! I would have had to make Emily stop and go through that garden gate! Everything is exactly as I would have imagined. And to live so close to the sea. Sigh.

AliceKay said...

Wow, that's a lot of food! LOL

Enjoyed seeing your pictures in this part of your trip. Will scoot on over to Part 2. :)

Sweet Home Stamper said...

STUNNING!! I can't believe what they eat for breakfast!! It does seem like a TON of food!!;)

Regina said... muse is dancing and hopping all around with all the inspiration in your photos. Thank you for sharing with us.

The thatched roofs...the ivy walls..the hidden wooden doors..a faerie tale place!!


Always love any place by the sea but it is a different beach..darker sand...but beautiful!