Saturday, September 29, 2012

Newest Stamping Goodies!

The sign Emily made for me when I arrived in England, lol! Too bad I was much, much too frazzled by the frickin', frackin' airport in Amsterdam to fully appreciate it!! Saving it never know, it could come in handy someday!!!

 Angelina fibers!! Makes the coooooolest backgrounds!!

 Music vellum papers! Fun for Christmas cards!!!

 New corner die

 Fancy peel offs

Waffle paper!!!! Got this at a really good price too! With the new SU holiday ornament stamps and framelits, I'm going to have amazing "pop up" cards!!!

 Heart & star stick pins

 Girly die cuts for card fronts

 Mini wooden embellishments

 Six new embossing folders! Especially excited about the sheep and reindeer ones!

 Cutie holiday images and fancy Christmas paper! LOVE unusual colors!!!

 Perfect pearls I ordered from eBay that came in while I was away.

 Not sure what I'm going to use this for, but the price was right and I LOVE IT!!!

 This is a hostess set only available in Europe, so Emily got it for me!!

 Feathers!!!! I love feathers!

 Skeleton leaves
 Close up - sooo pretty on cards

 Fun brads!! Really happy to find cutlery ones and ones that look like screws for masculine cards!

 Beads!!! One price per cup!! I had fun hand picking these out too!

 Yes, ribbon, lol! Couldn't resist!!

 Christmas embellishments

 Fun buttons! Love 'em!
 Flowers and beaded decorations
 Metal charms and stick pins

 These look like holiday cookie cutters!!!

 Angel hair paper and sheets of ribbon overlays!!! So hard to find!
 Stamps. I'm so addicted, lol!

Charlie, my catsistant for the day!


Rita said...

Oh, thank you! I wanted to see all the new goodies! I am dying to see how you use the Angelina fibers because I have never heard of them. The teeny, tiny cookie cutters are precious! So many cool things. I can see where you will be very busy!! :) :)

Regina said...

Good Golly Miss Molly...I think you have gone wayyyy past addicted..hehe

LOVE all the goodies and I can't hardly wait to see all the pretties you make using them.


AliceKay said...


Vickie said...

Holy cow!! I wanna live with you! You have the coolest stuff!

SueAnn Lommler said...

Fabulous!!! Tons of wonderful stuff!! Ha
Love that bird cage!!

Christina said...

OHH my what yumminess! and I wonder why I feel like I can never find anything to send have it all! LOL

Deanna said...

How in the world did I miss this!?!

What a collection of unusual items. I've never used feathers or a lot of the other things you have. How exciting. I had to check out the Molly Bloom stamps on the internet. I can sure understand why you had to buy them. They are so cool. Of course there is a lot of copic type coloring to be done on them. I've yet to get into that.

Thanks for point the way for me. I would have totally missed this.

Love all of your new stuff!!!!