Sunday, September 30, 2012

Grafenwohr Volksfest 2012

We went to the annual Grafenwohr Volksfest in August, but I forgot to post the photos! ya go!
I won this for Bella by throwing darts! I'm pretty good!!!

An Air Force laser! Bella loved this!
Thomas' unit!
German helicopter

"What's this button for???"

Making our Bloomin' Onions!
Traditional German band - really good!

Bella loves bumper cars!!!
Ooops! The Bella is down!

Smoked thanks!


SueAnn Lommler said...

What great pictures...looks like tons of fun. So Bella is going to be a helicopter pilot?? Ha! Actually, she looked pretty natural behind the controls!!'


Ribbon Girl said...

Hello Jeannie - wow, that's a lot of photographs! Just wanted to say thanks for the nice comments you leave on our Ribbon Girl facebook page. Mary G x

Rita said...

Never have seen the pound the frog into the pond game--LOL! Everything looked like fun, but I can't believe Bella was the only one on that last ride. (I'd pass on those fish, too!)

Deanna said...

That fest looks like a lot of fun. I'll be I dislike bumper cars more than Bella loves them. Even as a child I never understood the fascination of getting into a little boat so others could knock you silly and cause whiplash! Bella looked like she was having tons of fun. And those bloomin' onions. I do love them!

Christina said...

Wonderful pics! You guys look like you had a blast... I never got the whole fish thing either...