Sunday, July 22, 2012

Scoping out the neighborhood!

Last Sunday we drove out to Kemnath, just to say "hi" to our house and drive around. We had gone downtown, but everything was closed! So even though we were all exhausted (read here about 3-4 hours of sleep at most!), we wanted to get OUT of the hotel room and enjoy some glorious sunshine. It's been unseasonably cold and rainy - no fun!!!

We went into many of the shops, and for some reason I felt compelled to tell everyone that we were moving here, lol! Giving fair warning, perhaps?? LOL! I must say that they were all very friendly and if they made fun of me later, they didn't let on. I'm also finding that my German is coming back to me and it's been quite helpful.

We walked the same route as last weekend, so I only took photos of things I didn't already show you.
This antique mailbox is still in use!

I haven't photographed it yet (as you need to stand in the middle of the street to get a perfect shot!), but there's a mini archway connected to the main church/steeple that you drive through to enter downtown. There's no sidewalk for foot traffic though. Solution? Build a little tunnel on one side! Walking through it we saw these displays!
Cool, huh?

We had finished checking out the shops and were waiting for the Chinese restaurant to open for lunch!

I'm so mad that I forgot to take photographs of our food!! It was scrumptious though!! We were all so hungry, lol! Bella had chicken fried rice, Thomas had sweet & sour pork (his was awesome!!), and I had my usual noodles with vegetables and chicken. They didn't have any beef with broccoli that I saw, but we brought home the menu for further study. *wink* Bella usually only eats enough to take the edge off, and then gets bored. In an effort to get her to eat (and avoid the "I'm hungries!" later), we told her that if she ate some more, she could then use chop sticks!! She was all for that, and then she wound up eating even more still. Moms are SO smart!!!

After lunch, it was still gorgeous out - miracle of miracles! - so we talked about what to do next. Every time we've come into town, I've seen the man made pond with a fountain in the middle of it, and in the distance I saw a playground too. So we set out to find it! SCORE!!! What a fun place! We all had a blast, running around and playing!
A pirate ship!! Bella was in HEAVEN!!!

Everywhere you look, it's like a postcard!

Yikes! A snake, lol!

You see these fish all over town!

A fish map!

It was so quiet and peaceful by the water!
I could have sat here all day long!!
Next time we'll bring a picnic lunch!

Thomas sacrificed his bakery crescent to feed the fish, lol!

"I love Jello!!!"

Bella did NOT want to get off this...until...
...we showed her THIS!
Playing in the water.
And yes, she got really wet, lol!
How do you like our "fish" play area??

Our candy haul!!
LOVE German gummies!!!!!

And then we came home and all took a nap! Thomas and I have been getting very little sleep since we got here. The bed is SO hard, and we both just toss & turn. Only three more sleeps and we get our bed back!!! I can't wait!! I don't want to visit our town....I WANT TO LIVE THERE!!!!!



What an amazing place. i may have to come and visit.

Mary said...

Looks amazing babe! Can't wait to see more adventures.

Christina said...

I can't even begin to express the joy I have seeing these pics. I love it and I just know you are gonna love your new house and town.

AliceKay said...

What a great park and playground! Looks like so much fun, and Thomas and Bella seemed to be enjoying themselves, too!

I loved watching the videos. Keep 'em coming. :)

Thanks for sharing part of your world with us. Looks like a great place to live. (wish i could read German

Toriz said...

Your new neighbourhood sounds awesome; no wonde you're eager to move there! Well, there's the bed thing too, but still...

Mmmmmm I love Chinese food!

If it makes you feel better, I'll admit that everyone we met between when we moved down here in October and about February I told that we just moved here. I wonder how many of them thought, "oh, no; I wish you hadn't," or something Several, I bet, LOL! I'm sure it wasn't the case with the people you saw though.

ChicagoLady said...

I know who will want to go to that park every day...

Deanna said...

That park looks amazing. So does the town. This looks like such an amazing move for you guys. I can only imagine how much easier it is going to be once you get set up in your own place. Keep on sharing!

Heatherlyn said...

First, you are amazing. You are moving and still keep up your blogging. You are my blogging hero. Second, I want to move there! It looks so great! Seriously!!!! I bet your German completely comes back, too. That will be so nice. What a great experience this will be for your family. No more earthquakes either, right? :)

Rita said...

A zip line and a round hammock swing and chinese food--what more could one ask for! It looks just amazing!!! :)

Regina said...

What an amazing place to live!! Everything is looking. You are living in a fairy tale babe.

YOHO pirate ship is arrsome!! hehe I looks like Thomas might have enjoyed it as much as Bella..ROFL!!