Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A morning trip to Kemnath!

On Sunday, the weather looked like it might want to be sunny, so we decided to get OUT of the hotel room and take a drive. The sun was in and out - German weather is CRAZY!!!
We stopped off at Thomas' office first. I needed to fax in my updated info to Stampin Up, so I could order again (which I did!!!). We also admired the unit's new sign! Thomas is SO psyched!!!
Looks pretty good, huh?

Then we decided to head out to Kemnath...
Views along the drive out.

Last bit of our drive!

Our German mailbox!
This is where EMILY will send me goodies, lol!

Thomas looking longingly at the house.

Yard across the street.

Beware of dog - I will!

Then we decided to drive around and check out the town:
Lots of these big fish, and a huge pond too!
With a fountain in the middle!!

We parked on the "main drag" and walked around.
Bella by one of several fountains!
Services were going on while we were here.
The singing was gorgeous!!!
Each town/village has these "crest trees". I will have to find out more about them!
Police station
What are the MPs doin' out here???

Closed but lookin' yummy!

I counted THREE ice cream shops!

Several yummy looking bakeries too!

Italian gelato!! Jackpot!!!

Wooo Hooo!
Checking out the menu!

So that's just a small glimpse of our new town!!!! Isn't it lovely? I can't wait til we can properly explore everything, check out the museums, visit the shops, make friends - SOOOOO EXCITED!!!! This is what I wanted when we moved to Italy - to be able to live in a house, in a real town. That didn't happen there, so I'm really happy it did here. We have the best of both options - government leased house (like living on post), and living on the economy where you are living among the local nationals and immersed in their culture. It is going to be awesome!!! I hope you're all prepared for a massive amount of photos! I don't have far to go to get some amazing shots! Color me happy!!!!!

Almost forgot! We sign for the house on the 24th, a week from today!, our household goods will be delivered on the 25th, and our new living room furniture will be delivered on the 26th. So our last night at the hotel will be the night of the 24th. I was hoping to move in sooner, but I'll take what we can get, lol!


Cassy Lu said...

It looks amazing Jeannie!!! I'm so incredibly happy for you guys. And you had better post many pictures. Stamping will be a lot easier now too since you have such beauty to look at through the windows :) Miss ya!

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

This is going to be so exciting, and I just love that you'll be in a home. What a cute and charming little community. Love this!

Mary Cavalier said...

How exciting - thanks for sharing. I love the beauty of the buildings. You are going to have so much fun exploring!

SueAnn Lommler said...

Yes! It is beautiful...love the architecture!! And you can't have too many ice cream shops!!

Allyson said...

I just love your new little town!!! It's so clean and colorful and so many flower boxes in the windows! It is seriously like something out of The Sound of Music! Have you been able to communicate with everyone OK so far? I know about 3 words of English and one of them is "NEIN!" So...yeah...I suck. Congrats to Thomas getting his new sign. I think that would be the most exciting part for me. :)

Mary said...

You are livin' a dream! (Well, except for when Thomas is away!) It's so beautiful!

2busy said...

I love all the colors in town and the architecture. We could use some of that inspiration here in the States. Do they speak much English there in that town?

And, you can't go wrong with three ice cream shops. Sunday was National Ice Cream Day here.

joe tacoma said...

Beautiful city---it looks so interesting.

Congratulation, Thomas.

Toriz said...

Sounds like you're moving to a beautiful place. And, hey, at least you'll be in before the month is out! :)

Mary said...

So...I've decided that I NEED to come visit you. I promise I am NOT a serial killer, and I don't take up too much room...and Bella could play with the twins :o)
LOVE Thomas's sign, long overdue!

ChicagoLady said...

What a quaint little village. I think you'll enjoy living there. Loved the pictures, but it was weird with no people around. Almost like the town was closed and you were the only ones there.

Garden of Egan said...

Oh my word!!!!
Love all the pictures. Looks so quaint. Like a storybook.

Wow! Thomas is all famous with his own sign and everything.

Rita said...

The whole area looks so lush and green! And the town is wonderful and the architecture is so different. I love all the colorful houses lined up in tight rows. So many little shops to check out--even Italian gelato and Chinese! This is going to be such an exciting change. I'm ready for lots of pictures. :):)

AliceKay said...

This looks like heaven to me. Amazing looking town, too. Love that clock tower. Your house is gonna look fantastic once you move your things in. Can hardly wait for more pics. :)

One thing tho....how in the world do you pronounce those names????

Regina said...

OMGOSH...look at everything I have missed. What an amazing place..so beautiful and INSPIRING!! I'm so excited for you and Thomas and The Bella!!!