Sunday, June 17, 2012

Travel Adventure to Pisa - Part 3

Now for the conclusion of our awesome trip! 

The mortal remains of St. Ranieri Scacceri, the Patron Saint of Pisa.

Tomb of Henry VII of Luxembourg

Cathedral pulpit by Giovanni Pisano
Galileo's Lamp
Cast bronze lamp by Vicenzo Possenti in 1586. Believed that the great scientist figured out the law of the pendulum by observing the lamp as it swung back and forth!

Caryatid Figures
This well known marble group depicting a woman borne by four caryatid figures while breast feeding two infants is to be interpreted as an allegorical representation of the church: the personification of the church is giving life to the Old and New Testaments represented by the two children at her breast, while the caryatid figures stand for the four cardinal virtues (Justice, Temperance, Fortitude and Prudence).

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Marble inlaid with marble.

I love this photo!!!
Everywhere you look, utter beauty!

If you try to enter these buildings wearing "inappropriate" clothing, the guards make you wear a paper smock! Sadly, there were many women inside wearing these. 

Bella posing with her new purse!

On our way out through the gate.

Last photo...who knew Duff beer was real??? LOL!

It was a wonderful trip! I hope you enjoyed the photos!!! Everything was perfect for us. Next weekend we're headed to Verona and Juliette's garden! Ciao!


Rita said...

I seem to have hit part three first. Ill have to look for the other parts, but this was really cool! I love that you take lots of pictures for those of us who will never travel. :):)

Christina said...

Leaves me scratching my head seeing all the tombs. I know thats where they buried important people in the day but for me that would making focusing on mass hard. It doesn't surprise me that those smocks were everywhere. As my kids grow I am having a hard time finding appropriately long shorts. I agree with you sad.

Mary Cavalier said...

Thanks so much for sharing. Looks amazing. (I would have been embarrassed to be handed a paper smock :-)

AliceKay said...

I'm surprised the people go in wearing those smocks. I know I would be embarrassed if I had to wear one. But then again, I would never wear inappropriate clothing when visiting places like this. (not even sure i own any "inappropriate" clothing. lol)

Great pictures of your visit, Jeannie. Thanks so much for sharing them with your readers.

joe tacoma said...

'Can't get enough of that wonderful Duff!" --Homer

Cygnet said...

I gotta ask: who is in the glass coffin?
Gorgeous photos, Jeannie! I am fascinated by European history. I could spend days in cathedrals..