Sunday, June 17, 2012

Travel Adventure to Pisa - Part 2

Welcome back for Part 2! 

12th century wall

Miniature of the piazza
About to enter the Baptistry

baptismal font with St. John the Baptist
by Italo Grisell

The Baptistry Pulpit

Gorgeous stained glass windows!
Closeups of the pulpit panels

Turn your speakers up for this!

Now going into the Cathedral!!
Cathedral of San Maria Assunta
Cathedral presbytry with the main altar.

The ceiling was incredible!!!

Click to enlarge these paintings!:
Don't leave yet!
Part 3 is next!!!


Rita said...

Okay, they're showing up in opposite order in my reader, but that's okay.
I can't imagine what it would sound like with a choir singing in that particular place! I would think it would give you chills and move you to tears!
All the artwork, sculpture, stained glass, stonework--amazing!
Now to part one--LOL! ;)

Christina said...

WOW what awesome acoustics. I beat baptisms there were amazing! The churches in Europe always amaze me.

AliceKay said...

Beautiful pictures and the video of the girl with the voice is amazing.

Intense Guy said...

Beautiful photos!

I heard somewhere that the Baptistry was separate from the Church because "back in the day" you couldn't enter the Church without having been baptized!