Friday, June 1, 2012

Holy Moving, Batman!


Thomas informed me yesterday that we will be completely out-processed and driving up to Germany on June 28th. That's four weeks. From yesterday. OhEmGee!!!! I can't even wrap my mind around getting that much done, that quickly. He doesn't even have his orders yet!!!! Although, he thinks he'll have them in hand today. I've never in my life seen him this organized and this motivated before. 

He wants out of here. He wants out NOW!! Sheer panic has already set in with the other people in his office. Now people are realizing that he has done it all, all along. Now people are realizing that he's really leaving. Now people are appreciating the workload and level of dedication he's had for two years. Now people are realizing they can't put him on any more extra duty rosters.  Now people are crapping themselves silly! And he's loving it! And when he turns in his government phone (which has to be on, and answered, 24/7) he will REALLY be loving it!!!

Me? I know I'll be happy when I'm all settled in up there. But now? I'm all settled in here! So my inclination is to stay here!!! Even though it's been said that household goods should only take two weeks to arrive, past experience leads me to roll my eyes over that estimate. If it happens, then great, but I'm not counting on anything.

What I am counting on, is a larger, newer house!!! This place is so small and so old, and it's past time for an upgrade. Thomas has been in contact with the housing office in Germany, and they told him that they are currently finishing up brand new senior enlisted houses, and with his position, he will be given priority. Not guaranteed of course, but pretty close. I think I could handle living in brand new quarters with brand new appliances!!!!

This is what they look like:
A garage! Our own driveway! Fenced in yards! LARGE rooms! A full basement! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I could stamp here, lol!!! Cat just came back from here while visiting friends, and said the PX and Commissary are HUGE!!! After our rinky-dink post, that will really be a welcome change!

So yeah, it will be great. It's all the stress between here and now, and there that I'm worried about!!! *Gulp!*


Emily said...

Blah... We laugh in the face of stress! We are women, we are invincible! Well at least when we're not bloody knackered lol.

I'm sure eveything will be ok and I am always at the other end of the computer when you need a rant!

Now hurry up and get me that air ticket so I can come help you!!!

Love Ya x

Catherine said...

Girl, after our PX/Commi, you'll want to spend all day, just hanging out in that place! And, if you need to find a home for any food/cleaning products, just gimme a buzz! :D

SueAnn Lommler said...

Oh dear...I know it is overwhelming but you can do it! And just think of the new place..that should keep you going!
Good luck

Cassie said...

Eee! I'm very excited for you, Jeannie! You can totally handle the stress for some bigger better living ;D

Nikki Bond said...

I feel your panic girl....4 weeks is not a lot of time to get ready for a move!....if your like me you have to go through all your things and purge what you don't "need" anymore...and organize so stuff is in the right rooms when packed...and of course when I do all of that then dust bunnies come flying out of from under the bed/closet...etc....which leads to OMG did I ever clean while living here?! LOL....But it looks like you might have a fabulous house waiting for you on the other end so my fingers are crossed! Here's to one more notch on the military move belt! :P


Mrs. Jones from the Circus said...

Oh man! Keep your eye on the prize of awesome housing and improved shopping! That house is a giant!! You are going to have to get more stuff! LOL.
We moved twice last summer...I totally get your stress. I tried to pack one area at a time. That systematic approach helped me cope...and good friends and beer didn't hurt either. ;)

2busy said...

Take it one task at a time and one day at a time. Better things are awaiting you at the end.

Kristina P. said...

That house looks awesome.

Rita said...

Looks like everything will be looking up at the new place. You can do it! Just start plugging away and purging and packing.

That's so exciting to have a bigger place with a fenced in yard. Sounds like hubby will have a better position, too. Nice! It will all work out. Be glad you're not moving in the winter!! ;)

Elaine said...

Hi Jeannie,
Well , I’m back and I have the rest of today free so as to catch up on everyone’s creations since I have been away refurbishing my old house.
I adore reading the blog’s finding out what has been going on , looking at all the lovely cards and projects, a
Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog , its so nice to keep in touch.
Wow sorry you are having some stress , what a fabulous house though , your life is much more interesting than mine Jeannie.
Take care ...chill

Hugs Elaine

AliceKay said...

Looks like a great new house. Hope you get to live in one when you reach Germany. Hope the packing and moving goes better this time than the last time, too. I know it didn't go very smoothly for you. Good luck!

Christina said...

You got this. The housing looks heavenly. Let's hope you get wonderful neighbors as well.

Toriz said...

It'll go alright; you'll make it go alright. Then when it's over you'll have that extra space, time to put your feet up, and maybe sleep for a week or two? ;)

Missy | Literal Mom said...

If you keep your eyes on the prize, maybe the stress will be less!

Shell~AK Stamper said...

OMG ......I know your stress level!

I hate moving and feel for you, take one day at a time Hun!

Hugs Shell~Alaska♥

Mary said...

OMG is right!! Isn't it great that people don't realize what they have until it's gone. At my last job, they told me they would have to hire 2 people to make up for all the shifts I covered!
Happy moving, and may the packing Gods be in your favor!

Heatherlyn said...

I'm glad that Thomas will be able to move to a location perhaps that has more equality in workload sharing. :) And also the new living space will be so nice. Just close your eyes and envision it when all the packing stress is upon you!