Friday, May 4, 2012

Some Bella & Some Kitties!

I always forget Spirit Day. Like always! I don't mean too, just...stuff happens. This time however, I had post-it notes all over the place to remind me, and wow! I remembered, lol! This time it was Sports Day. Bella isn't involved in any sports at the moment, and the only sports stuff we had was Daddy's Packer (blech, blech!!) jerseys. So we made do.

The Bella, showin' her spirit!

Next year? We will be ready with VIKINGS APPAREL!!!

 And now for some kitty love...
I think this one is Minnie's favorite. They always snuggle!!!

Time for 3rd breakfast!

Aren't they sweet???


PS: Tomorrow is Emily's birthday and she has one small request...
Could you pop over to her blog, and follow her? She wants 5 more followers for her birthday and you will be so glad you did!! She just had a bloggy makeover and it looks amazing! Just click on the blog badge above!
Thank you!!


SueAnn Lommler said...

The kittens are so precious
And Bella looks adorable.

Christina said...

Go Bella! However I agree on moms terms gotta change that gear. Thanks for singing soft Kitty to me this morning.

Toriz said...

Kiddo and kitties in one post... What more could you ask for?

ChicagoLady said...

The kittens are so adorable!

Do I need to send a Bears jersey to pull a double whammy on that Packers piece of @%#&?

AliceKay said...

Bella looks like she was having fun. :)

And baby sweet indeed!

Intense Guy said...

I love that glare Minnie has when you took the photo of her and her "snuggle mate"!!