Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kupsh Family Updates!

~ We had a 5.1 scale earthquake here yesterday morning. Yes, a freakin' EARTHQUAKE! It lasted about 30-40 seconds, which doesn't sound like a long time, but it is for something like this!!!! They are building a new high school at the end of our street, so at first I thought maybe they had some sort of accident, or something fell over. But my uber sturdy concrete and marble house was shaking and kept shaking! Then I was like, "Holy crap! This is an earthquake!!!" First thought? My craft stuff! LOL! Not my safety, not my family, not even craft stuff. I have issues; I know. Apparently we had had one around midnight too, but much lighter and I didn't notice it. The epicenter was only 46 miles away. On a major fault line. Lovely.

~ Bella will have a mini concert at school today. Hopefully she will have stopped crying by then. *SIGH!* Today is "wacky-tacky day" at school. But she didn't inform me of that until this morning, and I had already set out her clothes, (a very pretty dress for her concert, thank-you-very-much!) and wasn't going to go nutz looking for "tacky" stuff. I can't be that creative, that early in the morning!! I'm NOT a morning person!!! (And neither is she, truth be told.) Not even half the kids dressed up, but enough of them did to make her all teary, all over again. She's going through a "melt-down" phase at the moment. I'm over it already! Hopefully I'll get good photos/videos of her. Hopefully she doesn't lose privileges for bratty behavior! Hopefully I'll be able to keep my patience. Hopefully!

~ No new news on the job in Belgium. They will make a decision by the end of February. That's a month away. Waiting sucks. A lot.

~ Thomas was able to secure us tickets to this Saturday's trip to Florence!! YAY! All sold out now, so that was super lucky! We will leave post at 7:30 am and return around 9 pm, so it will be a long day. (And I'll most likely spend most of Sunday uploading photos, lol!) We will have a guided tour of the city, as well as the Accademia Gallery to see the famous David by Michelangelo!!!

We live just west of Venice, so it's a long drive!

Lovely Florence!

Nice....butt, lol!

Aerial view

~ Thomas will be buying our tickets to Turin today, for the trip on February 26th. We will be visiting the Egyptian Museum there (second largest only to the one in Cairo!), to see all the Egyptian artifacts as well as the shroud of Turin! Apparently they are famous for their Baroque cafes, chocolates, and Barolo wines! Paradise!!!

That's all for now. I'll be back later with some new cards I did yesterday & today! Ciao!!!


SueAnn said...

Hopefully the tears have stopped and she enjoyed the concert!! Did you?
I have experienced one earth quake. And it is freaky!! Glad yours was a small one.
Your trips sound wonderful!! Can't wait to see more pics

Rita said...

An earth quake!! Tornadoes and flooding I am used to, but I think an earthquake would be really scary! Wow!

I hope all went well at school. You guys will have a great time!! Waiting to see your new cards. :):)

April said...

An earthquake! Wow, that's pretty scary stuff! I'm sure that Bella is just going through a stage that will pass soon...hang tough and stay strong! Your upcoming trips sound like such FUN! I am living vicariously through you, you know? :)

Cassy Lu said...

We had an earthquake when we first got there too, family here was freaking out because they didn't hear from us for two weeks. We didn't have the internet or anything up yet so it's not our fault LOL Florance, I'm so jealous. We LOVED Florance (do have to tell you that one of your pictures if from Rome not Florance) Man I miss Italy, I miss you :( Hope you have a wonderful time and I can't wait to see pictures :)

Mary said...

Earthquakes are the weirdest feelings, aren't they? We've had a few "tremors", nothing as big as what y'all had, but weird just the same.
Hope Bella's tears stop soon. Growing up is hard, both on mama & little girl!
Just so you know: I don't feel sorry for you at all....not one bit. Florence. Turin. Seriously???

Toriz said...

Funny thing with earthquakes is the 30 to 40 seconds feels like forever, and yet it takes you that long to figuure out what happened anyway. At least, it did me when I was up reading late one night and there was one.

Hope Bella's tears stopped in time for the concert and that she didn't end up losing privalages. Maybe it will help remind her that you need to at least know the day before - preferably more in advance - if you're going to be able to provide spacific types of outfits? OK, probably not, but you can hope, right? Hang in there; hope that phase ends soon!

Ann On and On... said...

What amazing opportunities...not the earth quake which I'm happy to hear you are o.k. but all the traveling! I'm just thankful you share the photos. :)

AliceKay said...

Earthquakes are happening all over the place. I hope your crafts survived the ordeal. LOL

I hope Bella enjoyed the concert and got over not being dressed for "wacky-tacky day".

Florence looks beautiful. Can't wait to see your pictures. Have a fun and safe trip.

Catherine said...

If you want to borrow my Florence/Tuscany guide and my Accademia guide, just let me know! And Torino is great! Natalie and I went on that trip in Nov '10. :)

Christina said...

Glad your safe holy moly i would have paniced! LOL probably going not my scrapbooks as well LOL.

Tell Bellas she may not have been dressed for tacky day but she was dressed beautiful which is better then tacky anyday!

Teri M said...

So scary about the earthquake! Glad it wasn't more severe. Hope you have a wonderful time in Florence!

Garden of Egan said...

I heard of the earthquake, I thought about you and hoped you were ok.

Sounds like you have a lot of fun headed your way. Enjoy the trips!