Friday, January 27, 2012

Bella's Mini Concert

It took all afternoon and evening to upload 6 minutes worth of video, but I managed to get it done, lol! Bella was really antsy and apparently had some trouble concentrating today. Perhaps if they STOPPED having four day school weeks, she'd be more tuned in?? (Yes, she's off again this Friday!) The entire month of January the kids have four day weeks. *grumble* are the photos/videos I took...

As a class project, the kids made up Dream Clouds (tied in with Martin Luther King's speech, I have a dream), of things they'd change in the world. There were five "quit smoking" clouds...interesting! Bella's was to stop cyber bullying. Not sure where she even heard of that term, because she doesn't even GO online, etc, but still it was a good thought!!

Not a fan of all the lines of this song, but like the idea of it.
Bella really loves to sing, perform and sign, doesn't she??

Really getting into this one, lol! This song always, always, always makes me tear up because of it's theme. And they seem to play it tons when Thomas is deployed. In fact the kids sang it for the soldiers who will be going to Afghanistan this summer. Because Thomas won't be going to that new unit here, he won't be going.

After the concert

I have more cards and photos to share....but I need to get showered up and get Bella going on her math sheets (FROM SEPTEMBER!!! Ugh!) and her biography project. We have a bunch of work to get done today as we'll be gone all day tomorrow for our trip to Florence!!


SueAnn said...

So cute! I have always been a sap at kids performances. This one was no different...sniff!!!

April said... about putting a lump in my throat! So very sweet! Have fun tomorrow on your trip! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Mary said...

LOVE how Bella gets into the songs! What a performer! :)
Love, love, love the line in that song "To the hills of Tennessee!" From time to time Lee Greenwood will perform that song with UT's band, and the whole stadium goes wild during that line.

Emily said...

tears in my eyes and I'm not an American!

If only the English were as able to celebrate being English!!!

Loved Bellas performance, she really is a litte star.

Bloggy Hugs

Toriz said...

I always love kids' performances!

Teri M said...

Bella looks very cute - and I love both of those songs. How fun that they signed them too!

Rita said...

Bella and all the kids did a great job!! :):)

AliceKay said...

The kids did great. Bella seems so comfortable performing in front of people. That will help her as she gets older.

Have a great time in Florence this weekend!

Deanna said...

So cute. I heard that one child cough a croupy cough and thought, it is no wonder our kids are always sick! They share so well. Bella is definitely animated - and that is a good thing! So sweet.