Sunday, December 18, 2011

Innsbruck Christmas Markets Part 2

Continuing on....enjoying all the delicious market stalls!

Hand crafted jewelry - mostly silver & amber here.

Innsbruck has already hosted two Winter Olympics!

Hand warmers!

While Thomas went inside to use the bathroom, Bella & I checked out the goodies!
Raspberry deliciousness!

This looks like a huge brownie!!

Hand painted ornament of the oldest part of Innsbruck.

They have a fully functional trolley system like they do in Milan!

Outside photos of the Swarovski Shop!

Mimes! (Although I think "Mary" is a man here, lol!)

Golden Roof and main Christmas Tree

Austrian McDonald's menu - and NO! we did not eat here!!!

Candy Shop!
We did pick up a bag of these fancy European marshmellows for The Bella! She fell in love with them while in Paris. And we also got some waffle cookies, chocolates, and raspberry liqour!

Everywhere you looked there were gorgeous signs, so I tried to photograph as many as I could!

No clue who this is supposed to be, but everyone else was photographing it and I didn't want to miss out on something special, lol!!!

One thing I knew for sure that I was going to purchase before even going to Innsbruck, was one of these gingerbread cookies!! I hadn't had one since I lived in Germany in the early 90's!! A holiday tradition!!

Candied apples too!

One of the prettiest buildings!!

Frescoes everywhere!

We even saw Sinterklaas!!
Who gave Bella a big handful of candy!

Chocolate Fondue!

Bella got a personalized angel decoration!

Bridge going to the oldest section of Innsbruck.
Those pastel colored houses are quite famous!

Another Christmas market!

Here's The Bella on her pony!
Well...hers for five minutes anyway, lol!

She laughed the whole time!!!

And yes, we let her go again!!!

After munching on some real Frankfurter's, pretzels, ribbon thin fried potatoes, and oh-my-gosh-so-good-I'm-gonna-die saurkraut in a fried dough bowl, we waddled over to see what everyone was ohhing about....
Apparently this guy is floating on thin air!

Stay tuned Bloggy Friends!
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Toriz said...

WOW! Just WOW!

Rita said...

I love amber! Drooled over the walls of amber jewelry. The buildings and signs--wow! I love the pastel houses along the river, no wonder they were painted on one of the ornaments. Quite distinctive.
And even pony rides! So much to see. :)

SueAnn said...

So fabulous! Love seeing Bella on her pony! Beautiful photos!

Intense Guy said...

Beautiful pictures! That crazy weather... it didn't know when to snow and when to stop huh?

Mrs. Jones from the Circus said...

I love the wagon/tea cart/cute as heck little thing Sinterklaas was using to hold his treats!! I could sooooo find THE perfect place for that at my house.

Thanks for sharing!! And Merry Christmas!

Mary said...

Okay, that's IT: I want to go to Innsbruck for Christmas! :)