Sunday, December 18, 2011

Innsbruck Christmas Markets Part 1

Well, we are back from our latest travel adventure - Innsbruck, Austria! We took an MWR sponsored trip there to visit their Christmas markets. FUN, FUN, FUN!! Unfortunately, it involved getting up at o'dark-thirty and longggg bus rides, but it was totally worth it!

Here we are just leaving post. See how dark it is?? Not only was it before sunrise, but the post's electricity was out too! Luckily we got our cash from the bank the day before, as the ATM's weren't working either!!! Thomas looks tired, Bella just looks excited!

Views from my side of the bus:

Gorgeous vineyard country!
The further north we went, the more snow we saw. All the trees looks so perfectly "frosted"!
Entering the center of the city!
Thomas and Bella catching snowflakes!

Famous Golden Roof

We saw allll the intriguing market stalls, but walked past them for now, as we were following our guide to see the main Swarovski Showroom! As we entered, each step is clear glass, and filled with thousands of their crytals!! It was truly dazzling, but I couldn't capture it with my camera.

These are part of their "exclusive" line and you have to be a special member to purchase these pieces! And very rich too!!!

They had several of these displays of large crystals, and they were lit up in moving color patterns. It was pretty cool!

Crystal purses!!!
Even Hello Kitty!

They had a wine bar, but I just used it as a photo op!

Pieces from their main shop:
I got the top pen!! It's a gorgeous champagne color!
So pretty! SO expensive!!!
This crystal column went the whole height of the building!
What a fun place to {mostly} window shop!!!

Now it's time to get out there in the snow!
Ordinary stucco buildings become breathtaking with the frescoes used!

These aren't real trees and had clear lights on them.
But they weren't turned on when we were there - bummer.

Market stalls!!!
Handpainted ornaments and candles

Blown glass snowflakes

Gorgeous church

Wiener World, lol!

Much, much more to see on
Parts 2 & 3!!!

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Kristina P. said...

It looks so amazing! The US really has nothing on Europe.

Deanna said...

Everyone needs a crystal purse, so surely you bought one. Wow! Everything was so pretty. I can only imagine the cost. What an amazing whirlwind trip!

Intense Guy said...

I think I would have enjoyed the bus ride as much as walking around the town!


Toriz said...

Sounds awesome!

Rita said...

Those crystals really do sparkle in the video! And you got a fancy pen, eh? Whoohoo! I love the glass blown ornaments, too. Beautiful scenery and buildings. Got to check out the other two parts. :)

Nikki Bond said...'ve got some stunning photographs! Gorgeous.....{sMILES}

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

I can't believe how gorgeous all that crystal was, and the snow.....oh the beautiful snow!

Mary said...

I would have wanted to buy one of everything! It all is so beautiful!