Sunday, September 25, 2011

Milan Trip - Part 3

Welcome back!! Now to the final post of our Milan trip!

Fresh, roasted chestnuts! These were great!!!
Thomas & Bella had never had them before.
The back of the Duomo
Love, love, love this tree!!
The stained glass windows in this cathedral are the largest of any Catholic church!
The Last Supper is in Milan, so you'll see a lot of artwork featuring it here.
This was the prettiest I've seen!
This one is very simple, but still moving!
Just 16 days late for this, lol!
This doorway is awesome looking!
This chandelier was HUGE and sparkly!
Some of the oldest section of Milan.
Very old well.
Also good for makin' out apparently!
This is going to be a restaurant.
Used book stalls everywhere!
Fun, fun, fun in plaid!
Giuseppe Parini
Italian poet, born at Bosisio in the Milanese, on the 22nd of May 1729. His parents, who possessed a small farm on the shore of Lake Pusiano, sent him to Milan, where he studied under the Barnabites in the Academy Arcimboldi, maintaining himself latterly by copying manuscripts. In 1752 he published at Lugano, under the pseudonym of Ripano Eupilino, a small volume of sciolto verse which secured his election to the Accademia dei Trasformati at Milan and to that of the Arcadi at Rome. His poem, Il Mattino, which was published in 1763, and which marked a distinct advance in Italian blank verse, consisted of ironical instructions to a young nobleman as to the best method of spending his mornings. It at once established Parini's popularity and influence, and two years later a continuation of the same theme was published under the title of Il Mezzogiorno.

Remember the veggie artist? We swung back again with the whole bus group and he had made all these as well! The birds are just WOWIE!!!
Sophia Loren....they don't make 'em like that anymore!
Flowers. Everywhere.
The recliner in my livingroom is bigger, lol!
Someone's decorated bicycle.
Needing some Prada? Gucci? Dolce & Gabbana?
Well you won't find any here, lol!!!
But I bought one anyway (see later)! It must be the NYer in me, but I love to haggle and enjoy my knock-offs!!!
Last mime of the day!
Bella found her smile for them too!
The group went through the castle (which we had done on our own), so I gave the purse guys a hard time and took some photos while we waited for the bus to return. I also had an icey-cold frozen lemon drink that was DA BOMB!! Very sour, but very refreshing & delicious too!
Two more fun elephants!
Cars parked illegally, but very close to the curb!
Milan is famous for fashion, and this sculpture depics "threads".

By the time we got back on the bus, I was hot, hot, hot and tired, tired, tired! So Thomas took my camera and took the rest of the shots. Our guide tended to be rather....boring! I tuned her out even though I'm sure it was interesting info.

The building toward the left, yellowish stucco, is where the Last Supper is located.
Here's that arch you could see in the distance from the castle.
One of the city's original city gates.
Needle and thread sculpture.
Streetcars were everywhere!
I wish we had had time to ride one!!!
The Bella!
She was such a trooper!!

The goodies we bought:
miniature of the Sforza castle

Really cool book on the castle

Bella's new t-shirt!
Venice, Rome, Sienna, Pisa, Florence, Milano

Newest fridge magnet!

My NOT Prada purse, lol! But it's really pretty anyway!
I love it!
Side view

And there you have it! ALL of the photos and videos of our trip!! It was a really long day, and a really long bus ride both ways, but I'm so glad we went. I just wish other people would take care of, and discipline properly!!!!, their children. We had to endure some rather beastly children. But the majority of the trip we did our own thing and that is what we love....exploring Europe, our way! Until next time....Ciao!


Teri said...

Oh man, I want to fly to Italy right now!

Intense Guy said...

I was in Milano once! About all I remember of it was the bus driver had to drive with the wheels on the sidewalk and becareful he didn't hit a second floor balcony!

...and he got a speeding ticket too... LOL - I didn't stay there... was on the way to Lake Como.

Heatherlyn said...

I think your purse is super cute!

Loved the mimes, and more elephants, and the needle &thread and threads sculptures. The buildings are so artistically done and OLD. Dang if buildings could talk about the things they have seen through the ages!

What a fun adventure!

Rita said...

The buildings are so dramatic and intricate! The carvings and statues and artwork--wow!
Love that tiny little car!! And the flower decorated bike--charming! :)
You got your Prada knockoff--lots of castle souvenirs--and Bella got the perfect t-shirt!! What a trip! Thanks for bringing us along. :):)

AliceKay said...

You have some great pictures of your visit to Milan. I'm glad you had the chance to go. It sounds (and looks) like you all had a great time. :)

JoeTacoma said...