Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Hodge-Podge Post

Hi again Bloggy Readers! Here's a bit of a 'catch up' post...

I had my meeting on Wednesday afternoon with Bella's teacher. I was really stressed out about it, but felt better going in having talked to the school counselor the day before. While her teacher will never inspire any warm-fuzzies, she does seem to know what she's doing. Bella has just become so forgetful and flighty, and indeed is either not doing her work or not completing it. She also can't seem to remember even the most simple instructions, which I've noticed at home too. She's lost all her focus!! But like her Mommy, certain things are important to her and by taking away her computer privileges for two days, we've been able to get her behavior back where it's supposed to be. I'm afraid that Bella suffers from 'only child syndrome', as her brother and sister are grown and no longer living with us. She's pretty much been the star of the show since the day she was born, lol!

So we're also making some changes at home, that will hopefully help her mature a bit. I've ordered a magnetic chore list so she can have some responsibilities at home and have practice on following through. If she does her chores without reminding, she will get to use the magnetic stars that come with it, and a certain number of stars will earn her rewards. Rewards will not be toys but trips to the library, the park, special Wii time, gelato, etc. I'm also going to restrict her computer time to 30 minutes a day and then she has to play with non-electronic toys. She gets too glued in otherwise and this disconnect is affecting her ability to focus on people. She's also been playing outside with neighborhood kids and is learning some give-and-take, as other kids don't consider her The Bella, lol! She starts ballet again on Tuesday which will also help her with other kids, listening and following directions.

What frustrates me is that this teacher always focuses on the negatives. For example, Thursday and Friday Bella did ALL her classwork properly, but instead of commenting on that, she complained that she couldn't use scissors very well and needed practice at home. Jeepers creepers! It seems like she can't do anything right for her!! So I will continue to praise and encourage Bella, and help her at home. She's very, very bright and her grades and testing scores prove that. I just think the teacher doesn't care for her. And as much as that sucks, that's life and I suppose Bella will have to learn that lesson. Learning it in first grade seems a bit early though. *sigh*

I've been able to find some super cute clothes over here. They aren't cheap, but worth it!! Here is Bella modeling a new outfit before school...
Silly Goose!
This is her new Strawberry Shortcake remote controlled car.
She's a crazy driver, lol!
Bella said to get a close up for you!


In the thirty seconds or so it took me to get my camera and turn it on, the brightness of this rainbow greatly diminished. It was SO intense!!! Shortly afterwards we got tons and tons of rain, so we got our 'treat' first!


Here is 'my' cat, Minnie!
She's not really mine just yet, but I'm working on it!

She isn't wild like the other cats and is very, very affectionate. I think someone "dumped" her here in housing before they moved. I don't know if she'll ever be an inside cat, but she sure is nice to have around!
I just love this furry face!!
She will stand up for lovin' and has hopped into my lap many times.
Ah! A kiss for the Mama!!!
So that's what's new over here!! All the boxes are out of the house, and while they are unpacked, there's still some organization that needs to be done and pictures/decorations to hang. You will be so amazed when you see the pictures! I was so depressed at first with the mountain of work to be done that I didn't take 'before' shots, but now I wish I had, lol!


Kristina P. said...

Bella looks so cute! I'm sure the move and the change is probably just adding a little stress and she'll get back on track soon.

slommler said...

There are tough lessons to be learned and looks like she is getting some early. Not all teachers "like" their students for sure. And they can make that year miserable. I am sure though, that Bella will weather it just fine.
Her new outfit is adorable!!!
Great modeling!
Love your fur baby...looks like she intends to be yours too! She is beautiful!
Glad to hear the boxes are finally out of your house. That is always such a good feeling!!
Can't wait to see the pics

Dee Crowe said...

Bella and the cat both looking pretty content...and wow a rainbow before the fantastic!

Mary said...

Glad the meeting went better than expected!

I'm super impressed with your unpacking skills. It normally takes people wanting to come over for me to get the motivation to put the house together, after a move!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I am glad you have found good ways to show Bella how to concentrate. I love your reward system.

Anonymous said...

Bella is so cute in that outfit and Im glad it didnt go too bad with the teacher, I will keep my comments to myself about the scissors though dont want you to think Im a meany LOL Lets just say crazy teacher. I think the chore list is a good idea and I bet she will do great with that.

I love your Minnie cat she is so pretty and I bet she is glad she found her a loving mommie too :o)

Regina said...

It's so hard when others don't think of our child as we do but I know that Bella will adjust and do wonderfully this year...she has such a strong support system at home and that can make all the difference in the world. We too have one of those "only children" his brothers area ll grown and out doing there on thing (two are married so that tells ya how old I getting)

Love the new outfit...Bella is such a beauty.

I have a feeling that you belong to ummmm I mean that the cat is all yours...LOL (I have one here so I know who actually rules the homestead) Love the face!!

Rainbows are so see one before the rain is see the promise before the storm.

I wanted to let you know that Zoe is on her way to you. Shhhhh...I put a little special ornie in there for Bella. Thank you for being my first true collector and for believing in me!!


AliceKay said...

I'm sorry Bella has to go thru this in the first grade, but I hope she sails right thru with flying colors. As you said, she's a smart kid and learns fast. Sounds like you have it worked out so I hope it goes well.

That outfit is really cute on Bella. The Strawberry Shortcake car is cute, too. My daughter used to play with Strawberry Shortcake toys when she was little.

Great shot of the rainbow. It must have been really beautiful before the rain came down thru the middle of it, because the part that was left was awesome. I'm glad you were able to get a shot to share with us.

Minnie looks like a nice cat and someone to keep you company. Cats can be wonderful companions. I wish you and Minnie a long friendship. :)

Kudos on the unpacking. You had me tired just looking at the boxes. LOL I can't wait to see the end result and your beautiful new home.

Annie said...

awww, Minnie is such a little sweetie :) She looks so soft too :)

I wanted to thank you for sharing the parenting techniques you're using with Bella, I really like your approach - I'm going to use it when I have children :)

Thank you!

Intense Guy said...

I think Minnie has a foot fetish... :) Lucky cat.

Sounds like you - Bella - cranky ass teacher got a plan going...

I'm still willing to lend ya my baseball bat if you want to um.. improve that teachers attitude... (Italian-style no-less!)