Wednesday, May 19, 2010

LOST - It's Almost The End

After six seasons, "Lost" finally comes to an end this Sunday night in a two-and-a-half hour series finale episode.

Tuesday is the last hour-long episode -- titled "What They Died For" -- before the finale ("The End"), and it's got me thinking about all the things I'll miss when the show goes off the air: Sawyer's nicknames and the books he inspired me to add to my reading list; the love stories of Desmond and Penny; cool couples Nadia and Sayid, and Jin and Sun; Ben's diabolical delivery and wit; and most of all, I'll miss the mystery.

But, there are also some things that I will not miss about "Lost." Things that I will be happy to see vacate my life when the show is over. Here are eight things I'll be happy to wave goodbye to when "Lost" is off the TV map.

1. "Lost"-Induced Anxiety

Whether it's the paranoid panic of realizing you may have forgotten to set the DVR to record a new episode or the anxiety that comes from a particularly mind-boggling episode, "Lost" is not a relaxing TV show to watch. I'm looking forward to spending my evenings with a blissfully stress-free mind via "The Bachelorette" and "The Real Housewives of New Jersey."

2. Drive Shaft

Charlie Pace's band had one hit song before the heroin addict crashed on the island with the rest of Oceanic 815. Never hearing "You All Everybody" again can't come soon enough.

3. The Costumes

And by that we mean, the same dirty, sweaty clothes the Losties have been wearing since day one, save the occasional flashback or flash-forward episode. Needless to say, those rank pit stains have killed my desire for Smell-O-Vision.

4. Kate's Wishy-Washiness

Which is it, Kate Austin? Jack or Sawyer? Following directions or running off on your own to "save the day"? Season after season, episode after episode, Kate's antics have grated on my last nerve. I won't miss a single thing about her.

5. Being Confused

I am one of those "Lost" fans who are withholding final judgment on this season and the show in general until the screen goes dark at the end of the final episode. I want to believe that the writers are leading us to a place where all of our questions will be answered, that everything -- the Smoke Monster, the polar bears, the women who can't get pregnant, the numbers, the everything -- will come together in one harmonious "A-HA!" moment. As time ticks down, even I must concede that that is looking less and less likely and once it's all over, many questions will probably remain. I will not miss the feeling of being even more confused week after week.

6. Heated Fights With Friends

I have a pal who is just as nuts about "Lost" as I am, completely engaged in the storyline and the characters. Like me, he cried when Jin, Sun, and Sayid died on the submarine explosion. However, about 50 percent of the time, we disagree on whether or not a particular episode was amazing or totally awful. Our disagreements are not uncommon among "Lost" fans -- frankly, the show often walks a fine line between brilliant and totally over-the-top terrible. When this friend of mine doesn't see the genius in a particular episode or is irate about the direction the show is taking, while I am busy championing it, I wonder if he's a complete moron and whether our friendship can survive it.

7. Doc Jensen's Re-Caps

The day after a new episode of "Lost" airs, Entertainment Weekly official Lost-o-phile, Jeff Jensen, posts his recap of the episode. You could read and decipher Dante's Inferno -- written in the original Latin -- faster than one of Jensen's meaty yet stream-of-consciousness-style assessments. At the end of the day, I have learned more about "Lost" from Jensen than anyone else, but I, for one, am excited to have my Wednesday nights back, so I can go out on the prowl like a normal 30-something woman instead of poised in front of my laptop with Jensen as my date.

8. Claire

Like Kate Austin, I despise almost everything about Claire. I want to be clear that my distaste for the two most prominent female characters on "Lost" is not because I don't enjoy female protagonists. "Lost" has had, and has killed off, many fantastic heroines and I continue to miss them -- Ana Lucia, Libby, Juliet, to name a few -- immensely. But Claire's hay-hair, nasal whining about "Charlie" and "the baaaaby," not to mention that scary voodoo doll she's carried around this season, will not be missed at all.

So, let's hear it, fellow "Lost" fans -- what will you miss about the show? And what won't you miss at all?

Written by Amelia McDonell-Parry


Dee Crowe said...

I'll have to admit I have not watched one episode of always kind of reminded me of Survivor on steroids!

Anyway...I highly recommend the Real Housewives of New Jersey...there's a psycho on there that can rival any kind of psycho lost had!(plus its good for a giggle now and then)

Christina said...

Still have yet to get past the first season of lost. Chris enjoyed it though so maybe we can wait for the mega box set on dvd.

Garden of Egan said...

I guess I'm glad that I didn't get in to the show.

Vickie said...

I already have my dvr programed for Sunday starting at 7 pm to 11:30 pm, half hour off for the news then back on again for Jimmy Kimmel who is supposed to have them on again. Where they will show the 3 alternate endings:)

I will not miss Kate:p I hope they bring back Juliet!!!!!!!

Last week, I was disappointed. I was like, oh, so they are brothers? Big was Abel and Cain.

I saw the pilot episode when I was in the hospital after giving birth to Michaela! Tidbit of news for ya;)

foxy said...

Your "heated fights with friends" makes me laugh. I might have the same, if I understood the series more. Getting there though. I feel like they have answered a lot of the main questions that I've had.

I think a lot of the other things won't be touched on though... with much of it being left up to your own interpretation. So I almost expect to be disappointed and wanting more after the finale. I guess we shall see....

I always hated Kate's wishy-washiness too. Pick one already!!

foxy said...

OH - and I'll also be glad to be done with trying to figure out what year they're in. That time travel crap always threw me for a loop!!

Kristina P. said...

I have to say, I am glad it will be over. I only keep watching because I have devoted so much time to it. I hate having to feel like I have to watch it.

Heatherlyn said...

I can't watch tv that gives me anxiety. Even The Seeker gives me anxiety. I'm pathetic. I'm more of a Biggest Loser fan. I like shows where everyone wins.

April said...

Would you believe I've never watched "Lost"? I know...what in the world is wrong with me? :)

Tammy said...

LOL! You are sooooo Lost! lol! Airing My Dirty laundry was talking about it today too! Never watched it but I do have my shows like Brother and Sisters and my new one...Parenthood!

Life with Kaishon said...

Do you know that I never even watched one episode....

AliceKay said...

I watched part of one episode before, but I never got into it. Kinda glad I didn't by the sounds of it. LOL

J said...

I've only watched a few episodes of Lost, but I hope it ends better for you than The Sopranos did for me! I did NOT like that ending! If that's what you want to call it.

Nina said...

Oh I can not wait for the Sunday but at the same time I am sad it is going to end. I will not miss the 6 month of waiting for the new season. That drove me the most crazy and I think Lost is the only show I know of that did this.

I will miss the thought and wonder that goes into the show. I will own the entire series as I already bought season 1 & 2. My plan to rewatch it all and I look forward to picking up on things that were present before we ever understood them.

Lets just hope the finally doesn't leave us disappointed.

Brooke said...

i already miss boone and charlie :(

and good ridance kate!!

Mighty M said...

So I am totally thinking that Juliet is going to be the mother of Jack's son. What do you think? I wish they weren't starting the finale so late - no way I can stay up to watch it which means waiting until Monday and trying to avoid all the online stuff!!

Love your list - agree with all the things we WON'T miss. :)

Intense Guy said...

Never seen it... never will...

I would go insane(r) trying to figure out the missing answers.