Friday, January 29, 2010

All kinds of stuff!

Yes dear bloggy readers, I did actually calm down yesterday, lol! And then....a little bit of panic set in. Six months sounds like a long time, unless you're moving. Especially if it's a military move. And OMG, an overseas military move??? Tons and tons of details and paperwork and appointments and STUFF that all has to be done, on time, completely, in the right order, at the right place and a great portion of it is in someone else's hands that may or may not give a hoot about doing their job. {{STRESS!}} But in the end, everything works itself out, somehow, and I will have to keep reminding myself of that - often! For now, it's time to focus and plan and make a strategy. And oh mama mia, is my to do list five miles long.............yikes! I wonder how you say yikes in Italian???
Tons of projects to show you. I have more but not photographed yet!
For Yaya & Josh!
A new family "tree" for them!
I made 20 of these for Bella's class. I will write in the To and From portion on the tag. Inside the heart is nerds candy. What do you think?? Too plain??

Happy Anniversary Christina!! She and her Army hubby Chris have been married for 12 years!!! 12 years is a long time but when you're military it's even tougher!! Go wish THEM congratulations please!!!
Two bloggy awards from my "lil Sis" Kelly (aka Grand Pooba). I'd say that she was sucking up because she wants me to take her to Italy with me, but she gave these to me BEFORE we got the news. So I know she really loves me!!! And that is way cool!
I think I'm supposed to write some stuff or something, but I'm too lazy to check. So I'm not. Nanner nanner! Thank you Kelly!!!!
Sugar Doll award is from Yaya! Now she DID give this to me after we heard the news, but I know she isn't sucking up because she wants to stay right where she is (well sorta, she's moving too), because she's FINALLY getting to be a Mommy!!! Go say hi because she's awesome and she will crack you up. Thank you Yaya!! Here's my list of 10 things that make me happy:
2. My husband and best friend - love you Thomas!
3. The Bella - she's excitement on wheels!
4. Turbo Jam - because it works and it's fun
5. My friends - beyond blessed
6. Stamping - buy my cards!! LOL!
7. Ebay - 24/7 garage sale, love it!
8. Tea - makes everything better
9. Warmer weather - the cold sucks
This is where we're going...
If you don't like looking at pictures of stuff in Italy, then you might want to stop following me, lol! 357 friends today, I'm soooooo beyond thrilled that you are here!


Thomas Kupsh said...

What about playing Wii with us? Must be number 11! Love you honey!!!

Kristina P. said...

That card for Yaya is so completely adorable.

Margaret said...

The card for Bella's school are two cute! I wish I was talented like that.

April said...

Your cards are so cute! I absolutely love the one you made for Yaya...isn't she just the biggest inspiration??? I can't tell you how excited I am that you're moving to Italy! What a dream come true! We're probably going to be moving around the same time.

Shell said...

You have a lot to get ready for- but how exciting!

All your projects are adorable!

Paloma said...

I loved the cards! They are just super cute!!! ;) ..... Yes... moving overseas must be stressful... but you are right... EVERYTHING works itself out at the end! so if you ever forget it we'll be here to remind you ;)

Good Friday!!!


Mary said...

All the cards look great, and I LOVE the simplicity of the wedding card...classy & elegant!

Lets hope that Eric gets accepted into OCS & we will get to come to Italy too :o)

Intense Guy said...

Beautiful cards... I really like the one for Yaya.

Yikes = mucche sante! (holy cows!)


Rachel said...

I love how the family tree turned out! So adorable! You totally rock!! Happy Friday!

Lynn said...

LOL Im so excited for you about Italy Queenie.

I absolutely love the cards I wish I had talent like that, I am planning on making hubby a card for Valentines day but it wont even be close to that Im sure. The cards you made for Bellas class do not look plain to me, they are fabulous and I am sure the kiddy boos will love them.

I loved the awards you got especially the sugar doll one, the colors are so pretty...hugs

Tammy said...

Love the cards! Congrats on the! Italy?? Wow! I need to keep reading since I missed a day yesterday...:)

Have a great weekend!

blueviolet said...

Your cards are beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!

What's this? You're moving to Italy? I missed something while I had no computer!!! I'm going to backtrack and find out. :)

Teri said...

Beautiful pictures!

The card you made for Yaya and family is sooo cute!!! :)

Annie said...

WHAT??????????????????? You're moving to Italy??????????? awwww, I am so super excited for you. You're living my dream :)
P.S. what about all your stamping stuff? will you be able to take it with you? :)

Christina said...

The cards are awesome. I didn't get your card yet but thank you for the anniversary wishes! LOL loving the italian pics! ~sigh~ and me here ALL ALONE in Killeen! BLECH! J/k I wouldn't want you to trade this for anything!

Anjeny said...

If I wasn't sooo darn happy with you I'd be totally jealous of you on your great move to Italy. Reading your excitement about it yesterday made me excited too. I love the idea and even the move itself, but I hate the preparation part, all the packing, the decision of what to take and what to toss...just thinking about that part makes me want to crawl up in a hole somewhere and hide til it's time to move..

Did I mention how excited about for you? If I suck up to you, can I be a stowaway? LOL

Love the cards..I am sooo lazy these days, I need to post some cards my group and I made but I'm just darn lazy. Oh and yes...THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE CHRISTMAS was absolutely beeeautiful!!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love your class cards. Actually all your cards are great!

AliceKay said...

Your cards are always very nice. I loved the Congratulations one with the little train on the front. So cute.

Six months...seems like a long time at first, but then you stop and realize it's not that long at all. Good luck with the planning stages for your move to ITALY. :)

Annie @ astonesthrowfrominsanity said...

Happy SITS Saturday sharefest! I am already a follower even though SITS sent me here. I am so excited for you and your move to Italy (and a bit jealous, if truth be told). Keep the pics coming. It's nice to dream.

Ma What's 4 dinner said...

Oh wow!!!! You're going to Italy!!!! I'm so jealous. I'm moving too, but only from CA to CT. Not quite as exciting. I can't wait to read about your life in Italy. Can we come visit????

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest! I'll be back here for sure soon!

Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner?

Allyson said...

I'm totally cracking up that Thomas busted you on your list...and as the first commenter, no less! I did think that you were going to have a LONG list of things to do to make an international move in 6 months. And you are SOOO right about relying on someone who may or may not care about their job. That's a rampant disease. Do you all have to sell your house or have you been living on base. That would be the most stressful part for me. I anticipate not much stamping happening in the next 6 months. :-D

I love the ones you've done lately...especially the little wedding one AND Yaya's "new" family tree. She is one fantastical and inspirational lady.

Congrats again on your dream come true. I'm SOOOOOOOOOO happy for you. And er...I'm planning my trip. :-D

Jenny said...

Your cards are so pretty! Bella` card is just great as it is! Loved the owl one, its soooo cute! Italy is so beautiful, I can totally see you in a coffee shop every mornning, in the lovly sun enjoying the oh so beautiful place :-)) }{ congrats on the awards, and to Yaya as well :-)

Mimi said...

I can't believe that it finally came thru. I'm SO excited for you.


I'll call ya soon!

jennifersusan said...

Way cute cards! Love the cards you did for Bella's class! I am hoping that I can dig my card stuff out of storage and manage to get the cards finished for Todd's class. Heck, maybe I'll even blog about it!

LadyStyx said...

Definitely not a whole lot of time AT ALL! Make the list and check it twice.

Vickie said...

Are you kidding me!! Your Valentine's Day card for Bella's class is fantastic! That is so much better than the store cards!

Congrats on your awards. I got to do mine. I is lazzzzyyy;)

That card for Yaya and Josh is so cute.

I may be slightly jealous you are going to Italy but I am not jealous of the packing. No way Jose'

Honey Mommy said...

Holy Wow! That card with the nerds isn't too plain... it's adorable. You make the rest of us look like underachievers!

Double Wow! Italy is going to be awesome I am sure. I look forward to your photos!

Melissa B. said... are some kinda talented, gal! Any chance of getting one of those old Italian villas? How neat would that be?

Grand Pooba said...

There you go again, rubbing Italy in my face! Hahaha!

You deserve both awards! Totally not kissing up to you. At all.

Ok, that card with the candy is the cutest ever!!!!