Friday, September 4, 2009

Daily Menu 9-3-09

Day Four!

entree: Choc chip granola bar
protein: 1/2 cup eggbeaters, 1 MSF sausage link
fruit: faux fried apples
entree: Choc raspberry bar
salad with
protein: 1/2 small can of tuna, 2 Tbsp FF mayo, seasonings
fruit: 1/2 cup black raspberries
dairy: 2 lite cheesesticks, made into mozzerella sticks!!!!
entree: NS burger, made into mushroom swiss burger
veggies: Jeannie's onion rings!!
NS mint chocolate bar
dinner fruit: baked apple
dinner fat: pecans with apple

1 comment:

AliceKay said...

Hmmmm....I don't think I could do this diet plan, but good luck with it.