Sunday, July 5, 2009

Welcome Stamping Sisters!

Just a quick little bio for those of you new to my blog! I'm Jeannie, aka "Queenie Jeannie", a card-carrying Stamping Freak!!! LOL! I'm relatively new to stamping, but any of my regular readers will tell you I jumped in with both feet and never looked back! I LOVE IT!!!

I am an Army Wife to Thomas, and a Mom of three kiddos. Isabella, aka The Bella, is almost five and is the last chick in the nest. My life is an "open blog" so chances are you will know more about me than you ever wanted/needed to know, lol! I can't wait to learn more techniques and make better cards!!!!! And I do so love a challenge!


Heatherlyn said...

Happy Sunday! I enjoy your "open" book!

Cherie said...

Jeannie it has been fun getting to know you so far.
I am a fairly new stamper too - about a year now, although I have always been a crafter and a scrapbooker. But the stamp part is new and really fun!
I have been so freakin busy the last few months I have not done much but am getting things organzied so I can stamp again.
It will be fun to share ideas.

Heather said...

Hi Jeanie,

I got your comment about the SBS group. I did not know we had finally closed the group. Guess I will add it on now I wonder how many people realize it is closed now since we waited 6 months for it to close!!! LOL!!!!

Your blog is gorgeous!!! LOVE It!!!


Anonymous said...

"Hi Jeannie!"