Monday, February 9, 2009

My Interview

Tattooed Minivan Mom did an interview thingy on her blog last week, and I commented on it. I'm not exactly sure how it happened, but she made up some questions for ME, lol. I had to exchange the coffee questions for tea questions, because I'm difficult don't drink coffee.

How long were you in the military? I was in the US Air Force from July 27 1986 through September 1, 1989. So that's just over three years. I was a party girl computer operator. I don't follow orders well. It became a problem.

Does your ex REALLY read your blog everyday?(I saw your comment at georgies) Yes my ex-husband really does read my blog every day. (Hi Tony!) I don't know why he does...bored at work? Morbid curiousity? Maybe he'll post an answer. I don't advise you holding your breath though. Jus' sayin'.

Does your husband get pissed about that? I think if I had had a blog when we were first married it would have bothered him, but it doesn't now. We are both remarried so it's all good. Besides, I brag about Thomas all the time, so nothing to get jealous about.

How long did it take you to write your cookbook? It took about 8 months to compile all the recipes in my first cookbook, but about 2-3 weeks to make it into a usable form. I used the Picaboo program and just uploaded my pictures and recipes into templates. Sounds easy but it was ALOT of freakin' work. Making $8,000 in six weeks to go on a kick ass honeymoon with my husband was priceless though!

What inspired you to make your own cookbook? I was on the Nutrisystem program (which really does work!!), but the food (especially dinners!) left alot to be desired. Plus I still had to cook for my family. It's also really expensive to spend $300 on boxed food a month, PLUS all the salads, veggies, fruits, dairy and protein you have to also add to the meal plan. And then still cook for your family too. Some people were doing it "on their own" and I decided to give that a try too. I've always loved to cook and when I got all the stats on what each meal needed to be (calories, fat, carbs, protein) it was just a matter of altering food I loved to follow the plan. I started posting my recipes with pictures and people encouraged me to make a cookbook. With my husband coming home from Iraq soon, I put it all together and sold it. I'm about halfway finished my second one! Yay!

Have you really cooked everything inside the cookbook? Of course! Every recipe has a picture, and recipes involving several steps having multiple pictures. It's made for everyone - from people who burn water to people who really know their way around the kitchen! Plus they follow the plan so you lose weight and feel great!! Or eat healthier to maintain your weight and have more energy. Get yours today!!

What are you going to college to become? My eventual degree will be a BS in Business Management with an emphasis in Healthcare Management. What will I do with said degree? clue, lol! I was an insurance agent and really liked helping people get their healthcare needs taken care of. It's so important!! So I could work in a hospital or clinic, insurance agency, larger companies...all kinds of things. It should take about 2 years to finish.

Do you like coffee?(Not real important but I'm really wanting some coffee right now and the coffee fairy hasn't stopped by yet. Bitch.) Classic isn't she? I used to like coffee but when I got preggers with Alex it gave me terrible heartburn and I could never drink it again. I'm a HUGE tea drinker now though! And yes, I love it!!!

Starbucks or diner coffee?(I've got a thing for crappy diner coffee. The diner is crappy. Not the coffee.) I'm not even sure if Starbucks has tea or not. I do love their hot chocolate and their iced mocha thingies with whipped cream and cinnamon on top though. It's stupidly expensive and I never know what I want is called either - makes me feel dumb. So I just describe what I want and they figure it out. It pisses them off usually but oh well!

How do you take your coffee? I take it in a cup - duh! I have just about every flavor that Harney & Sons makes and I add a tsp of Equal to it. I have very nice, very expensive teacup sets. I never use them though. I probably should or Thomas will have issues with me buying more, lol!

And that's all there is folks!! But if you want to know more miscellaneous information on yours truly....stay tuned! It will all be part of my Blogiversary Week!


Ang said...

Love it!

April said...

I didn't realize you were in the military!!! Where have I been??? This was fun...I'll keep tuning in for more!

Kristina P. said...

Honestly, if I had an ex-husband, I would read his blog everyday too.

Anonymous said...

Blogiversary week? You mean you've been blogging for a year?

My husband doesn't get jealous either. He's mature like that.

Anonymous said...

Fun post! I'm a Starbucks Grande-Nonfat- 2 pump- toffee nut latte fan. :) Although I think I rarely say it right the first time!
And my ex found my blog... the reason I had to go private :( Can't have him stealing pictures of my daughter when he gave up his rights to her. It's great that you guys get along.

Anonymous said...

Great questions...."party girl" made me LOL!

As soon as I have some ca$hola I wanna get your cookbook. OR you could TOTALLY have a GREAT giveaway as your cookbook as the prize?!?!?!? Huh?!?! What do ya think?!?!?

Christina said...

LOL starbucks has tea they have this awesome pomegrante tee I think it is? Its red and totally yummy!

Janna said...

I had no idea you had a cookbook (what can I say, I live under a rock). Where could I purchase this cookbook? It sounds like something I would be interested in!

ChicagoLady said...

Great answers! I wish I weren't such a picky eater, it would make it easier for me to eat healthier.

Heatherlyn said...

I think that is so great that you made and sold your own cookbook. I just can't tell you how fantastic I think that is.

Cassie said...

Fantastic! I know exactly how you feel about the "feeling dumb" at Starbucks. The first one I ever went into, I finally just told the snotty little tween behind the counter "just give me a gas station type coffee about this big" (while holding my fingers about 7 inches apart, one on top of the other).

Cassie said...

OH, and KUDOS on the cookbook! Half way done... :)

KatCollects said...

Some of your answers cracked me up. Starbucks has amazing tea. My favorite is a passion icead tea, it's pink and pretty : )