Friday, February 27, 2009

Blogiversary Week - Day Six!

Day Six!
Woooo Hoooo!!!

Are we having fun yet??

Fair Warning: This is going to be a longgggg post!! If you have not submitted a question to me, you can still do so and I will update this post. I will draw a winner tomorrow morning, from the followers of this blog who asked me questions. I answered every single one!!! I'm really glad I had this brilliant idea too, because it was fun to do and also brought back alot of memories I had completely forgotten about!

This is what you're playing for: Super cute Estee Lauder toiletry bag, FULL of EL and Elizabeth Arden products!! All brand new and waiting for YOU!!! Remember, you MUST be a follower of this blog and submit questions (if you haven't already) before 8am tomorrow morning. Okie Dokie?? Here we go:

Vic asked:If you could give advice to a High School Senior going off to college next year. What would it be? OK, now that is just plain ole funny, because I DID have a HS Senior going off to college, on a full scholarship no less. My advice was TO GO!!! But she turned it all down because she chickened out basically. And compounded that poor choice with marrying someone she’d known less than three months. Otherwise my advice would be to have fun within limits, go to all your classes, start papers as soon as you get them, and don’t let any GUY make you lose your focus!
Do you have any favorite movies? What are they and why? Gone With The Wind – great book, great movie!
What was your worst fashion don't for your high school years? OK, so seeing how I graduated in 1985….what WASN”T a fashion don’t??? Those plaid shirts with the big puffy sleeves and little bow ties around the collar? Neon non-matching colors, with super big belts? Shoulder pads? Ponytail on the side of your head? I never crimped my hair though, so that’s something at least, lol! Oh well, I had a fabulous body and worked it – sigh….good times.

Georgie asked:What is your favorite post and why? I have no idea!! I wanted to submit my blog for consideration at SITS and couldn’t figure out what was “good” or not. I try to keep things real, and to find the humor even in crapola situations. Good, bad or ugly this blog is me.

Mary Ann or Ginger? Totally Ginger! I can relate to a bitchy, spoiled, redheaded star, lol!Growing up what was your favorite cartoon? Bugs Bunny Show!

Shannon asked: 1) This one is a two parter....Why did you leave the Air Force and what did you do that pissed off your superiors the most? I was pregnant with Alex when I left the AF. It was a really hard decision because my ex and I were both E-4s and that would cut our income in half. With a baby on the way. But the team I was working with was truly awful and the needless stress and drama they put me through totally turned me off to the military. Once upon a time I was as “gung ho” as Thomas is! They killed that in me, almost to the point of being suicidal. As for pissing off my superiors, I always spoke my mind. How much embroidery you had on your sleeve (rank) didn’t matter to me. If you were an assclown who didn’t know the job, then I said so. I got into trouble. A lot. I’m not afraid of anyone, nor intimidated by anyone. I call it as I see it. Some people can’t deal with that. Two words: OH WELL! In that respect I haven’t changed one bit…..except perhaps I’m even more inclined to tell you off should the need arise.
2) What did you really want to be when you grew up? I had ballet lessons for years and wanted to be a ballerina. It’s NOT a fun life and you live on black coffee and cigarettes (which I thought utterly disgusting back then!). The brief moments on stage weren’t worth the brutal lifestyle to me. Later I wanted to be a lawyer and went to college to study pre-law.
3) If money was no object what is the ONE thing you would buy/do that was solely for your benefit? (It can't be for anyone else. Only YOU!) That’s hard for a Mom to think that way, lol! I guess one thing would be to buy myself a new car. I had a hot convertible before but we sold it before moving. I still really miss it!! I had a 2000 Chrysler Sebring LXI, dark metallic blue, black ragtop, black leather interior. I think a silver or champagne colored Mustang convertible would be pretty cool!!

ChicagoLady asked: What was the first thing about Thomas that attracted you to him? I met Thomas online, back when online chat was chat and not a spambot-porn-sleazefest. He was a pretty smart “player” because he asked me about my kids and my business and asked intelligent questions. Nothing is sexier than a man WITH a brain!!! He’s very good looking too and has the most beautiful green eyes ever!
How did he propose? He didn’t really! No bended knee or romantic doings. Major bummer! But I got a reallllllly nice ring and an awesome marriage. I’ll happily forgo the romantic nonsense for that!!
What are some of your pet peeves? Ah man, you’re gonna be sorry! I hate shitty drivers!!!! (You know who you are!) I’m OCD, so stuff not being put away irritates me. And a towel that’s hung up crooked. A crumbled up Kleenex on the floor NEXT TO the trash can. An empty roll of TP on the roll. Dishes in the sink, when the dishwasher is empty. When my husband says “yes Ma’am” to me when he’s in a mood. Stupid shit like that. Things that really aren’t important, and shouldn’t bother me, and yet will set me OFF!!

Kel asked: Who are your celebrity crushes? Only one….Daniel Craig! He’s totally mine. He just doesn’t realize it yet. But he loves me body and soul!!!! I haven’t quite worked out how this will work as I’m already married to an exceptionally wonderful man, but I guess that’s why they call them FANTASIES!!! (and yes, Thomas knows all about my lust for this other man and I think it ticks him off but he doesn’t want to admit it).

April asked: OK...if you could give any male star a big smoochie right on the lips (knowing your hubby wouldn't mind!), who would that star be and why? Come on...time to dish! Hello? I just said DANIEL CRAIG!!!! He’s hot, and smart, and tough, and wicked hot, and even looks good in a Speedo!!! That’s practically nekkid!!! Hold on…………..*smile*…………so, are we done here??

TMM asked - Ok, I sent you MORE questions but then I kept refreshing your blog to read older posts and I keep seeing your picture on the top of your blog. Just curious, did you take that especially for the blog or was it some special occasion or do you always look like a hot housewife sex kitten? I always look like a hot housewife sex kitten. Thanks for noticing! =)

Heatherlyn asked - Oh yes, I was wondering about your kids. You say that you have 4. I've seen Bella and your older daughter. Can you tell us a little bit more about your other kids? Actually I only have three! Alexandria is 19, Shane is almost 17, and Isabella is 4. If you go back to 2007, you will see a lot of posts and pictures of Alex and Shane as they both lived with me then, lol! Alex graduated HS with all kinds of top honors and scholarships in May 2008, but decided to put college on hold. She’s now married to The Doofus and they are getting ready to move to Germany. I don’t think about that much because it hurts my heart to think I won’t see my first “baby” for three years. So I’m in denial sort of. Shane lives with his father in Wisconsin. Like most teen boys, he really needed a strong male influence and with Thomas gone so much in Iraq, he just got to be more than I could handle alone. I miss him everyday but know I made the right decision for everyone by letting him go with his Dad.
When you lived in Germany, did you learn German? Yes I did!
What was your favorite part of living there? Alex and Shane were born there, so that was pretty special!
What was the most commonplace thing in Germany? The importance of family isn’t just a “sound byte” over there – it’s real! Raising your kids properly is their #1 priority and it shows. Also there is zero litter over there. People wouldn’t THINK to throw trash on the ground. So everything is beautiful and clean!
What was your favorite place you went while living there? We travelled all over while being stationed there for four years. Bavaria is gorgeous and the Neuschwanstein castle is incredible. It’s the castle Walt Disney was inspired by to make Cinderella’s castle!

TMM asked - What is your favorite sexual position? Me on top.
How old were you when you lost your virginity? 16
Coffee, tea or me? You’re cute, but I’ll take tea thanks!

John Deere Mom asked: What's spice or seasoning could you not live without? Garlic! Pepper is a close second!What's your favorite cheese? (Can you tell I'm watching Amazing Race and they are carrying 100 lb cheese wheels?!) Hmmm, I really love cheese too! For cooking mozzerella, and for snacking swiss.If you had to live on one drink (NOT water) for the rest of your life...what would it be? I LOVE lemonade, iced tea and coke. If I had to choose just one….iced tea with lemon.

Lynnette asked- Who do you really look up to and why??? That's a hard question! I admire alot of people, in alot of ways, for alot of reasons. From people who have beautiful handwriting (my really sucks!), to people whose faith is so strong they nearly glow! I believe we come from a God of love, and that our biggest challenge is to love others as we are loved by Him, and to uplift and support one another. Encouraging others, supporting others, making them feel loved and appreciated - that's my thing and what I try to do in this world. So I look up to those who came before me to show us how.

LadyStyx - What is your favorite type of music? Favorite musician or group? Name 4 songs that are your favorites and tell why they are your favorites. Ohmygosh! My taste is sooooo eclectic! First of all, I adore disco and don’t care who knows it. “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor, and “Hot Stuff” by Donna Summer are sorta anthems of mine. I love heavy metal like Judas Priest and AC/DC. I love the “glam rock” of the 80’s and 90’s. But I also love 40’s big band music!! And Jazz! And baroque woodwinds! I love some of everything EXCEPT rap “music” (I can’t understand a single word!) and older country music (the twangy shit).

Janna Bee - Ooh, since you have a recipe book, what is your favorite recipe that you make and why? I get asked that a lot. I’m someone who likes a lot of variety with meals. That is why I have so many recipes….I don’t like the same things over and over, lol! You can never go wrong with seafood/pasta/fresh veggies though!

Grand Pooba - Do you belong to a certain Religion? If so what one? I’m a member of the United Methodist Church. We all belonged to a church at our last post, but they got a new Pastor who was anti-military so we left it. And we haven’t even started looking here yet. I know, I’m bad!!
Do you pick your nose? Of course! Everyone picks their nose!!! How else would we get the boogies out??
What is your most embarrasing moment? Most embarrassing? Hmmm, with so many to choose from too, lol! OK, I’ve got one! When my first husband and I had first arrived in Germany (not even sure if we were settled into our first house yet), we were shopping at the PX there. We didn’t really shop “together” but rather sort of drifted to whatever each one wanted to look at. So anyway, I was done with whatever I was doing and went over to my husband. Now remember, I’m HUGELY pregnant with Alex at the time, ok? So I walk up to him from behind, stick my hand into his back pocket, squeeze his butt, while cooing…”Come here often??”. Cute, right? Well it would have been if it had been my husband!!!!! That’s right, wrong guy! So this poor terrified guy turns around to see this pregnant woman groping his ass. Truly a classic Jeannie moment! My husband was a few feet away and was laughing his ass off! Still, to this day, I swear from the back side they looked identical. (Hey Tony! Seeing how you read this silliness still, remember this???) Of course there was the time I puked on a German cop’s foot, but that’s another story for another time…..=)
If there is one thing in your life that you could have a "do over" what would it be? You know when you’re going through hard times, you’ll say that if you had it all to do over again how you’d do things differently. Well first of all, you DON’T get any do overs!!! So you have to try to get shit right the first time because sometimes one try or chance is all you get. Also, it’s the hard, messy, painful stuff in life that really teaches you the things you need to learn. So if you did them “over”, you wouldn’t learn the lesson. And you wouldn’t be the YOU, you are now. I really like who I am right now. Not perfect, still under construction, but happy and fun and with lots of things to offer to the world.
How much time do you spend blogging in a day? Not much lately because we all got so sick! Normally I have a “regular” post depending on the day of the week. I also get some wicked cool email that I’ll often share on my blog. I spend more time responding to people who comment on my blog posts, than posting by far. I think that responding to people who comment is just plain good manners and I wish more people did that!! So to answer your question, anywhere from 10 minutes, to 2 hours max.

Donnetta - PMS cravings - sweet or salty? Depends. Sometimes chocolate, sometimes chips.
What's your fav alcoholic beverage? I drink so infrequently to almost say I don’t drink. But I do enjoy a good wine. And by good I mean cheap and plentiful, lol!
What would be your dream date night? Well if it’s with Daniel Craig – dream accomplished! If I have to be with my husband….ok that didn’t come out right, lol! If it’s with my beloved husband, then anywhere where we can be alone and not hear anyone else’s kiddos then that would be heaven! I LOVE YOU THOMAS!!!

Megan - 1. There is a big age gap in your kiddos. Any reason? Yep! It’s called Second Younger Studly Husband Syndrome!
2. What is the biggest regret/mistake you have or have made while being a parent? Not dragging Alex off to college by her hair if need be.
3. What is your secret ambition? If I told you it wouldn’t be a secret now would it???
4. What is your wildest sex fantasy? (See, I told you I'd make it good!) I don’t have wild sex fantasies. I either have wild sex, or wish I was having wild sex. I think I’ll just leave it at that. You.Are.Welcome.
5. What is your proudest moment you can ever remember? Of course you’re always proud of the things your kids do……..check that, MOST of the things your kids do. But, I remember being so stinkin proud when I saw Thomas march across Cottrell Field when he came back from his first Iraq deployment. I was so scared he would be killed and yet he made it home just fine – three times!!! I’m a very proud Army Wife!

Blueviolet: What are the best and worst parts of army life? Worst: long deployments, sometimes having sucky neighbors, Army rules, military id cards (and you thought your driver’s license pic was bad!!!) Best: Travel, being married to a hot assed soldier, seeing said hot assed soldier in uniform, military balls, undressing hot assed soldier from uniform(s).
Do you prefer baking or cooking or letting somebody else do all of it? ME!!! And I now have new pots and pans and knives………heaven!!
Where would you like to be 5 years from now? Italy!!! I must go and live in Italy!!! It’s my DESTINY!!!!!

Yaya: Questions:If you were to have another baby what would you name him or her? (I'm obsessed w/ baby names....) OK, well it’s medically impossible for me to have another baby, but…..I love the names Michael, Madison and Madelain. Racquel is pretty cool too.
Where is your dream place to live? ITALY!!!!
Who is your longest Bloggy Buddy? Hmmm, I’m really not sure. I didn’t have any followers at all until rather recently; just people I knew who read my blog once in a while. I think Mamarazzi is one of the first though.
What is your favorite tv show? LOST, Survivor, American Idol, Army Wives, CSI
What is the first thing you would buy if you won the lottery? I would hire a really good tax/financial advisor! Then a really awesome Disney trip, mink coat and convertible. And one of everything from Stampin Up!!! And yes Thomas….there still is some stuff I don’t have yet. (maybe)

1. What 3 things in your life do you value most and why? First of all my faith and the Lord’s grace. Without that nothing else really matters! Then my family & friends, then my country.
2. I know you have an older daughter, Alex, I would love to know more about her. Alexandria Leanne was born on December 22, 1989. From her birth she was my best friend and we are very, very close. We think exactly alike and can communicate without words. She’s much, much smarter than I am, and more beautiful than I ever was. She’s also VERY tall! She’s incredibly generous and is the kind of person you want as a friend. She’s also a total klutz and can trip over anything (nothing!). She couldn’t sing her way out of a wet paper bag, but doesn’t care and still sings (loudy and badly!) in public, lol! She’s now married to The Doofus and he’s taking her away to Germany. I don’t hate him or wish him dead……..anymore. Even I can learn to accept things I can’t change….with enough time and enough wine.
3. What is your favorite childhood memory? I don’t have any. I had a truly horrible, abusive and neglected “childhood”. That is why being a good mother is and always will be my number one priority! There is a special ring of hell for my "parents".
4. What is your "go to" meal? the meal you make when you don't plan ahead but need to feed the family. I try to keep frozen stuffed pasta shells and pierogies in my chest freezer. The shells take about 45 minutes and the pierogies take about 15 minutes! Add some fresh bread and a veggie and no one will know you “forgot” to make dinner! If all else fails, then Thomas cooks. He can drive to pick up fast food like nobody’s business!!!
2. What is your favorite holiday? what makes it your favorite? Christmas!!!!! Family time, good food, new toys, decorations, good music, people are nicer……..what’s not to love???
3. If you could change ONE thing about your life, what would it be? Well I wanted to quit smoking and so far (knock wood), so good. Smoking is my “stress reliever” and at this moment I’m reallllly missing it! But I made up my mind to quit, so that’s that. I also want to lose weight. Two weeks of no smoking but eating what I want. Then two weeks of daily exercise, but eating what I want. Then after four weeks, getting back on track with diet AND exercise. The smoking thing is hard enough without trying to do everything else too, all at once. So the “one thing” is getting healthy and fit, and this is how I’m going about it.

Cassie asked:
1. Where is the best place that you have ever vacationed? The best vacation I’ve ever had was our honeymoon in Savannah, Georgia!! It took over six years of marriage to finally have one, but it was soooo worth the wait. Want details? Go here:
2. Where would your Dream Vacation be? Would it be just you and Thomas, or would Bella go too? I would really like to do the “Disney Thing”, but I don’t want it to be rushed and I want to have plenty of money so I’m not “skimping” the whole time. And yes, we’d bring The Bella with us, lol! So everyone go buy my cookbook so we can go, lol!!
3. If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only take one music CD to listen to, for the rest of you life, what would you take? And if you choose a mix CD of your own creation, it can only have 12 songs, and I need to what they are please. Ah man!!! I love so much music!!! This is impossible! Seriously!!

Vickie asked:
Did you own a cabbage patch doll? Heck no!! But I do remember in the early 80’s when they first came out and how INSANE people were over them!!!! One store would get like three in and there would be THOUSANDS of grown women fighting over them. I thought they were ugly and creepy then, and now.
What was the first record you owned? LOL!! Shaun Cassidy (da do run run! LMAO!)
What was the first movie to make you cry? Most likely a Disney movie. You know someone ALWAYS dies in them – always!!!!

TMM asked:
How did you meet your husband? I met my husband online – Wisconsin Chat Room #3 on Yahoo Chat. It was on Wed., Feb 29th – leap year that year!
How long did you wait to bang him? We had our first date that Friday, March 2nd. After we went out to dinner and then clubbing, THEN we had sex all night long. I do have standards you know, lol! You gotta feed me first!!!

April asked:
1. Where is the most exciting place you've ever lived and why? The years we spent living in Germany were the most exciting. I didn’t have a car of my own, so the kids and I would take really long walks around Birkenfeldt. So many cool shops, pretty parks and even a petting zoo. There was always something going on and things to see!
2. What is one thing your hubby does for you that makes you weak in the knees? These days, anytime he does any housework for me, it makes me fall in love with him all over again!!! This has been a tough week for me (not smoking), and he has been sooooo helpful and nice!!
3. What is one thing he does that drives you nutso? I readily admit that I’m totally OCD! The littlest things make me crazy. The only thing I can think of right now is when he walks in the house with his shoes on and gets my floors all dirty. NORMALLY my floors are spotless and beautiful. Right now? Pretty gross – totally have to get my mojo back and clean this house!!!
4. What is the #1 thing on your "Bucket List"? Living in Italy!!!!! I don’t want to visit – I WANT TO LIVE THERE!!! I can’t explain it but I truly believe I’m meant to live there, like it’s my destiny!! No, I’m not kidding, lol! I’m supposed to be there!!!!! Hopefully our next assignment will be in Vicenzia and Thomas is doing everything he can to make that happen for us!

Cheddarhead asked:
What are all the nicknames you've had in your life? Everyone has always called me Jeannie, although my given name is Jeanne. Thomas calls me Hunny Bunny sometimes though. And he's my Sweet Baboo!!! (he hates it - how sad, too bad!!!)
What are all of your addictions or vices? Well it USED to be smoking but I’m a non-smoker now. And pretty damn proud of it!! (Go me!!) Now I guess I’m a Stamp-a-holic but I don’t want recovery or an intervention, lol!
What's the largest age difference between you and someone you've dated? That’s easy – me and my husband; almost four years. I’m older!
Do you wear necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings, rings or any other body jewelry? I’m mostly a ring, earring, and bracelet kind of girl. No body jewelry, no anklets.What are your 3 pieces of favorite jewelry? Wedding ring, Mikki Moto pearl & diamond necklace, diamond earrings. My husband spoils me with reallllllly nice jewelry!!
Amy B asked: Okay...this may be a not so great one..But I wanna know..what made you decide to stop smoking and what advice can you give to a wife who really wants her DH to stop? For me it was just time. I really enjoyed smoking so that made it even harder to stop. But it was getting in the way of feeling good too (out of breath, coughing, etc), so I finally just said "enough". Until someone reaches that point, it just isn't going to work. My husband loves me and hated that I smoked. He never said so, because he loves me, but he did. You hate your husband smoking - I get that. BUT!!! You can't nag, bribe, or fuss at him into quitting. When he's ready he will, or, maybe he won't. And you will have a accept that. If he does try, just know it is sooooo dang hard!!! Try to be as supportive as you can!
Mimi asked: Here's my question...Has the Bella ever walked in on you and Thomas doin' the nasty? Or any of your kids for that matter. If they did, what did you tell them? LOL! OK first of all, no! However.....jeez this is embarrassing!!....When Thomas and I first moved in together (yes, we lived in sin for a year!), Alex came up to me and said this: "Mom, when you and Thomas have sex could you please keep it down?!?!?". Can you spell mortified??? Of course I tried total denial and she just gave me the look and the "oh puh-lease!!!" thing. Nothing like having your Freak Flag shot down, ya know???
C ♥ asked: If you could only have one meal for the rest of your life, three times a day, what would it be? This is actually an easy one! Anyone who knows me, knows I love food - making it AND eating it. But, if I had to just pick one thing - it would be a Subway sandwich! Roast beef with provolone cheese on Monterey Cheddar bread. ALLLLL the fixings except jalapenos and banana peppers, salt, pepper and mayo and make it toasted!!! If you go to Subway, you will see a sign that says: UNLIMITED FREE TOPPINGS! So, don't let them jip you, ok?? I keep saying more, more, more, MORE!!!! They get annoyed. They sometimes argue. I point to the sign and stand my ground. It's how I roll. If you can easily close the sub, you didn't make it right!!!!
Sandy asked: Have you ever met a bloggy friend in real life? Yes I have actually - two so far. And the coolest thing is that they are just as awesome "in real life" as they are online!! Love ya Coleen and Angela!!! Many I talk to on the phone as well, so that almost counts, lol.
You have mentioned that you would like to go to Disney. Who is your favorite Disney charactor? Well for me it would be more for the experience, rides, etc. The Bella is a Disney Princess freak!!!! I believe she likes Belle the best so far. Isabella is just so much FUN and watching her enjoy herself there would really be the ultimate for us!
There is quite an age gap between your older kids and Bella. Do you parent Bella any differently because of this or are you the same kind of mom?
LOL! Well I'm sure Alex would say YES!!! She claims I let Bella get away with murder - which is true, and false. As a new Mom, I was super duper strict about everything. As I've gotten older, I see the wisdom in not sweating the small stuff. Like if Bella wants to wear a ballet costume, Mardi Gras beads, tap shoes, three bows in her hair, and a gallon of lipgloss on her face to go shopping - I'm down with that. She's happy and it just doesn't matter! I don't give a damn if I get "looks" or comments. But I won't tolerate rude or destructive behavior. Bella knows the line, and the consequences. Have I said, "Just give her what she wants so she'll shut up!" before?? Hell yes! And I'm guessing you all have too, lol! Have we had chocolate cake for breakfast before? Hell yes! A little indulgence is good for the soul. If you ask Bella who her best friend is....she'll say Mommy & Daddy. We must be doing something right!!!
Christina (rant, rave, roll) asked: 1) What is the one thing you would try to save (besides family)if your haouse was on fire? Easy! I have a yellow folder that has ALL the important stuff in it. I would die trying to get the out, lol!
2) What is the most emabarassing/mortifying thing one of your children has done? Man! Tons of stuff! One thing that comes to mind though is when Alex and Shane were still pretty little, and we went to the mall to visit Santa. He had them both on his lap and was asking them what they wanted for Christmas. To my HORROR, Alex made a face and told Santa that he had bad breath and the her Mom had tic tacs in her purse if he wanted them. Yeah ha, ha - very funny when it's not YOUR kid!!!
3) Tell me about the most exotic place you have had sex? You guys are a bunch of PERVS, lol! about weird?? I once had sex (and yeah it was totally amazing!!) on my High School auditorium stage. It was after school, dark and locked, so no! I wasn't giving a performance. Dammit if I can remember his name though.......*shrugs*
4)Toilet paper... Over or under? OVER!!! Under is just wrong, wrong, wrong!!!!
Lori asked:
What is your favorite holiday and any traditions you do on that day? Already did this one, Christmas!! Family time is #1, so what we do changes with how we feel, etc.
What is your favorite color? yellow, although pink is a close second!
When you were little, what did you want to grow up to be? Did this too, ballerina, then lawyer. Now I'm a Mom who dances with the Bella and argues with the husband, lol!
What makes you happiest? :) Making those around me happy makes me happiest. I'm big on feeding people too. People do NOT leave my house hungry - it's a rule!
Brooke asked: Why did you decide to start blogging? I started blogging as a means to keep the lines of communication open when my husband left on his second Iraqi tour. Email is ok but his connection was always so slow and inconsistent, that sending pictures and videos just didn't work very well. By putting everything on a blog, he could go to one place and see everything that was going on back home. Then when I started dieting, I put my menus/recipes on my blog to stay accountable. That grew into a super group of friends all trying to get in shape too. THEN I discovered the SITS girls and that's when I actually had "readers". I love blogging and would blog even if no one read my crap! But, it's really nice that you all do, so please stay!!!!
MaBunny asked: I want to hear the story about puking on a German cops shoes... lol. I had a feeling this was coming!!! OK, so we're in Germany and this time I'm pregnant with Shane. I had HORRIBLE morning sickness with him. Only is was all-day-long-sickness. I was working at the Education Center at the time and because I was soooo sick, I was often running late. Speeding in europe is no joke. At all!! Get caught without your seatbelt? $500 fine - PER PERSON! Yeah, they don't play at all! But like I said, I was running late, and I was feeling like I was gonna hurl, again!, any second. So watching my speed wasn't a priority at the time. Sure enough, I got a blue light special behind me. Cop cars have blue lights over there. Now I'm feeling REALLY sick!! Cop comes to the car and I was trying, vainly, to motion to him to move away from the car. I couldn't talk because it was a-comin'-up! So I'm "shooing" him away with my hands but he's just talking away in German. I spoke German quite well at that time but in moments of stress I didn't understand a word. So anyway, the dude would not move!!! So ya know, ya gotta do, what ya gotta do. I leaned out over the driver door (I had the window down), and puked all over his shiny patent leather shoes. Nothing quite says gross like kool-aid and saltine crackers (think pink and foamy!!!). He was shall we say.......aghast! He couldn't quite believe that this stupid, speeding American would actually have the gall to barf all over him. I tried to explain but he didn't want to hear it. He just shooo'd ME off while he cussed in German. THAT part I understood. But I didn't get a ticket!!
capperson asked: Did you enjoy the airforce and what exactly was your job??? No, I didn't enjoy the military. I think I would have if my first duty station hadn't been such a horrible experience but it was, and there ya go. I was a party girl computer operator. I can't really talk about what I did specifically because it's classified. Yes, really. I respect people like my husband who can make a career out of the military, but realize that it just isn't a good fit for me.

Whew!! Did you really read all that??? I hope you STILL want to keep following this blog, lol! Remember, to be entered in this giveaway, you must be a follower and submit a question before 8AM tomorrow morning!!


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Here's my question...Has the Bella ever walked in on you and Thomas doin' the nasty? Or any of your kids for that matter. If they did, what did you tell them?


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Queenie Jeannie said...

Questions updated!! Anyone else???

sandy said...

Thanks for sharing so much about your life! I still love ya and will continue to follow. (not in a stalker way;0)) I can't wait to read more! I'll email my questions!

April said...

Wow...that IS a long post! I've have to run some errands, but you can bet that I'll be back to read all this juicy stuff! See ya then!!!

Brooke said...

why did you decide to start blogging?

Christina said...

My eyes! My eyes! The mental visuals! Gouge them out with a hot poker please! Hee Hee. Just kidding!

OMG! Seriously, I didn't realize we had so much in common until now. Thanks for spilling your guts to us. It has been a very interesting and entertaining read. I'll be back. You can't run me off that easily.

Mamarazzi said...

oh Jeannie...this was FABULOUS!! so many juicy little tidbits (your first date with hubby) the embarassing moment was HILARIOUS!! and the heartbeat behind so many "touchy" subjects (the fact that you had a horrible childhood breaks my heart, good for you for making it your mission to be the best mom possible) i also loved learning more about! THIS is the prize i want...i am seriously crossing my fingers!!

i am glad you ended you getting so many more questions...this was a great READ!

MaBunny said...

Oh I did enjoy this post Jeannie! Gave everyone a whole new look at you! I want to hear the story about puking on a German cops shoes... lol.
Lots of people asked really good questions. Sorry I didn't send you one, Im not that imaginative, lol.

Kristina P. said...

I met my husband online too! And he didn't really propse either, but whatever.

MaBunny said...

OMG, how funny! sorry you felt so horrible , but hey you tried to warn him!
Thanks for answering !

Grand Pooba said...

I didn't realize I wasn't a follower yet! Well I am now :)

I wanted to be a ballerina too! I can't believe you grabbed some stranger's ass! That was the best!

jennifersusan said...

That was too funny! We have a lot in common! For instance: I wanted to be a ballerina, and a lot of my friends are complete pervs, and I met my hubby online too!

Heatherlyn said...

Yep. I read all that. I thought it was fantastic. Delightful. For real. The questions and answers were a lot of fun. You're a great person. I love getting to know you better!

ChicagoLady said...

Such great questions! We're learning some ummm, interesting things about you, lol.

April said...

I think you just surpassed your two hour max. blogging limit...this must have taken you an eternity, but it was so much fun to read! My hubby was stationed in Vicenzia, Italy for 3 years...he was an Army Airborne Ranger. He loved it there and promises to take me back one day!

So glad I met you in Blogland! Have a super day!!!♥

LadyStyx said...

Holy cow...that WAS a long (but extremely interesting) read. I met my babe online too.

babyrocasmama said...

Boy you've had a colorful life!! Puking on the German Cop's shoes! OMG! And the sex stuff??? HOLY CRAP! I'm just wondering what TMM's ulterior motive is...LOL (I am assuming it's a guy, right?)

Good questions and even better answers!

Oh and the musical taste? We were separated at birth!!!

Love ya, baby! MUAH!!

babyrocasmama said...

OK SCRATCH THAT!!! I didn't realize TMM was tatooed mini van mom...Now it ALL makes perfect sense!!!

Sorry to TMM...forgive me? (It was the coffee, tea or me question that threw me. LOL)

Anonymous said...

So then, since i asked you like 4000 questions do I still only get 1 entry?

BTW, I thought I was easy for sleeping with D the first week...but first date?! I'm so proud of you ;)

Anonymous said...

Wowee that's a lot of questions!

I love Survivor!

Good job on still quitting smoking!

capperson said...

Did you enjoy the airforce and what exactly was your job???

Cassie said...

Whew, that was alot of questions! It is great knowing more about you though! I am so totally sorry that I missed the entire week! I am catching up now though, and watching the videos of Bella!

Vickie said...

I tried leaving a comment yesterday, but my computer flaked on me.

Thanks for sharing Jeannie.

We did not have store bought cabbage patch dolls. My mom made the dolls for us. She bought the pattern.