Sunday, January 18, 2009

Can you just FEEL the love???

This award was given to me by Leann. Her blog is rather new to me so I'm very surprised she thought enough of me/my blog to bestow this on me. THANK YOU!!! She said: "Jeannie @ Jeannies Happy World. Because, she has a post dedicated to silly cat pictures. You know the ones. And I really truly love them. THAT and she posted the recipe for Monkey Bread which I think I happen to have the ingredients for, and am now making for breakfast. (plus, she didn't have this award. Alllll those awards, and not this one? Not any more!)" How sweet is that??

So now I have to list 7 honest things about myself (gulp!):
1. Like Leann, I met my husband on the internet. I still think that's pretty cool!
2. I spent a CRAZY amount of money on Stampin' Up products over the past two days. I kept emailing her back with MORE things. I don't do things a "little bit". It's all or nothing. It's a sickness, lol! This was after "stamping" once.....yes, just once!
3. I have the best husband in the WORLD! I mean really, it's not even a debate or contest. He IS the best. He lets me do/have/buy whatever I want. Period. If I'm happy, he's happy. No, you can't borrow him and no, he doesn't have a brother. Sorry for your loss!
4. I love to read!!!! Not just a little bit, alotta bit!! Reading rocks, so pick up a good book!
5. If I ever actually DO all the embroidery and x-stitch kits I have in a trunk upstairs, I will have enough completed projects to completely cover every square foot of my house. See # 2, it's that illness again! I get bored before I get done. Follow through....I need to pick some of that up at Walmart next time I go out.
6. I love it when I get real mail. You know, stuff in an envelope or package, the mail mail! It really makes my day and inside my head I'm singing (off key!), "I just got a letter! I just got a letter! I just got a letter!! I wonder who it's from???". If you don't have small kids that's from Blue's Clues. Yeah, I really am that silly!
7. I love my tea!! I have just about every imaginable flavor and I love, love, love my tea!! My mother's family is English and it must be genetics or something. I used to love having afternoon tea with my Grandmother. She also had the BEST coffeecake or danishes. She's gone now but I miss her so much. I hope she's the first person I see again in Heaven!!

OK, now I have to pick 7 people to pass this on to. I just did this last night!!! Ugh! Could you please, please, please help me out??? The Bella is kinda sicko and I'm tired. Please comment on this post and do this award. Please?? Cool, thanks!


Mama Wheaton said...

Another award! Wow you should get an oscar for all the lovin you put in the world, way to go girl!

Melissa Miller said...

Congrats Jeannie! Well deserved.

Thanks for telling me about your Pampered Chef online store. I did just buy a few things recently and don't need anything else at this time. I will keep you in mind for next time though.

Have a wonderful Sunday!
~Melissa :)

LadyStyx said...

Congrats on the bling! Give it a couple days, Im sure the right blogs will reveal themselves to you :).

*HUGZ* to the sweet Bella...hope you feel better soon hun.

Mary said...

I'm kinda sad...I gave you this award too, last week:
But I am a slacker and forgot to comment about it on your page...sorry! But you deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Love this award!

Vickie said...

Congrats on the award!

I also have a lot of crafts I want to do, but they are in the basement, collecting dust.

ChicagoLady said...

I was SO singing along with you as you got the letter! I don't even have kids and I know the song from Blues Clues, how sad is that?

I have a couple awards still to pick up and do entries on. I'm stuck on six ways I measure success in my life. If I can get past that, I can move on and do my other posts. Maybe tonight I can knuckle down and figure out those six ways.