Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Beautiful Award!

I just received this beautiful award from Cassie! I'm soooo touched to receive this one!!! Cassie is one awesome chick and if you don't *know* her already, then do yourself a favor and get to know her! The original author of this award is Audrey. If you want to know the background about this award, go HERE and HERE. I think Audrey really took this "award issue" head on and these are wonderful posts. If you are a regular reader, you know that I usually share all my awards with all my readers. I hate to leave anyone out or to risk hurting anyone's feelings. That is just NOT what I'm all about!!! And although I appreciate all my readers, there are always a few who just stand out a little bit more so these are the wonderful blogger friends who truly are my kindred spirits!

Shannon - This woman is just a riot! We have alot in common and just hit it off right from the beginning. She has helped me ALOT on making this blog look the way it is and always finds the coolest widgets, etc. AND she made my very first button; just because I didn't have one and she wanted to help me out. You know when you meet people and you just KNOW you will be forever friends? Yeah, that's Shannon to a "T". Love ya girl!!!

YaYa - While that's not her IRL name, but unless she chooses to share it with you, I can keep a secret!! Yaya loves orange....ALOT!!! Don't believe me? Check out her newly designed blog!!! She's made me appreciate a grossly underrated color, lol! She's probably the cutest, sweetest, biggest hearted, redhead you're ever going to meet!!! She's not a Mommy - YET! - but I know she will be one way or another. I'm sure seeing all my pictures and videos of The Bella is pretty much a stab in the heart for her, but she still leaves the sweetest comments for me all-the-time!!! She's an inspiration to everyone!

Christina - This woman is just a gem! She sparkles and her shine rubs off on everyone she touches!! A fellow Army wife, she "gets" me when I have my moments of "the Army is makin' me crazy". Her blog is also THE place to go if you like scrapbooking/stamping inspiration. She is utterly talented. The things she makes almost daily are truly works of art!! And when I had only just *met* her, she sent me an Soldier's tribute card AND framed it too. She's a real lady - gracious and generous. I'm jealous of her talent but she's a doll!! Hopefully she won't run away when I bombard her with fifty million stamping questions. Oh, and we're going to Europe together too - we decided!!

LadyStyx & Chicago Lady - These wonderful ladies are acknowledged together because in the bloggy world, where you find one you can almost be guaranteed to find the other!! These lovely ladies inspire me to be better about truly FOLLOWING blogs I "follow". No matter what drivel I post, they both read every post, every day, and always post a comment. I mean ALWAYS!!! It's really nice to know that you aren't just talking to yourself! Big hearts that really care about people, that is who these women are!

Kristina - This woman has a magic ball or something! She is EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME! She must really watch her reader or something, because she is usually the first to post on everyone's blog posts! She is beyond funny and a very talented writer. You can tell by her following!!! And she's brave enough to mix chocolate and bacon (chacon!), and post about it! She's carefree in a wonderful way and that inspires me daily!

Vickie - This lady is another creative genius!! Her scrapbook pages are filled with love and beauty. It makes you want to take pictures and start your own book!!! She is also a great friend and a Star Commenter!!! Her positive attitude shines endlessly!!

BlueViolet - Another wonderful friend and commenter! She does alot of "memes" and "tags" and you find out the coolest stuff about this super cool chick! It inspires you to do more....and be more. So basically her blog is FULL of fun stuff going on - Party Central!!

Saundra - Well, she's Italian so you KNOW she can cook!! AND HOW!! She has several blogs and they all rock. And she's Mom to three gorgeously handsome, sweet boys! The youngest of which is already betrothed to The Bella!!! With a Mom like her, you just know those boys are being raised right! She just re-did her main blog and it's so pretty - LIKE HER, inside and out!

Mamarazzi - Not her real name, but I know it!! This woman knows everything there is to know about the bloggy community. And she helps EVERYONE!! Generous, kind, funny soul that she is. She's been a huge help to me and her blog is a feast for your eyes. She's also the Mom you wish you had - interested, involved, funny and loving. I wanted her to adopt me, but she said no. She still loves me bunches though, and that's pretty awesome.

Honey Mommy - A newer friend, but someone who is just so stinkin' sweet and nice!! She has her priorities straight, and you just know laughter is a major staple at her house!!! I love reading her posts everyday!!

Melodie - This woman is a hoot!!! Love her! And I love her happy blog and happy girls. She's newly pregnant again...will she have another girl? Time will tell! She has great kids and a great marriage. Everything about her makes you smile....even if you get the random "ranting"post, lol!
Pooba - I mean could you NOT like someone with a nickname like that??? She's funny and she's supportive. Great friend material!!! I love the witty comments she leaves too!! This girl is quick - so don't try to pull one over on her! And DO NOT attempt to use her shampoo either; fair warning!

Lily - A woman as beautiful as her name! This Aussie rocks and her blog has received tons of recognition. She travels all over the world, but is the opposite of snobby. She's just wonderful and makes everyone she visits in the bloggy world feel the same way. She's sunshine!!

Amber - Another awesome Army wife!! And her husband is deployed to Iraq, so she would welcome tons of hugs, prayers and support. Of course she won't ASK for it, we Army wives don't work that way. But she does and she's very deserving of it too. Go see her wonderful pictures!!! Her husband was just home on leave and I know they made the most of every moment. She never feels sorry for herself, but rather stands proud! HOOAH!!

Sandy - This lovely lady was one of the first bloggers I *met*. I had been blogging for over a year and didn't even KNOW a whole, huge community out there even existed!! She welcomed me with open arms and has been beyond patient with me. She always stops by, and leaves tons of bloggy love with her. This is another gem that you owe it to yourself to meet.

Tattooed Minivan Mom - This woman never fails to make me smile. You can cuss on her blog!! In fact it's almost a requirement!! Being naughty was never so much fun!!!! But don't let outward appearances fool you, she's a big softie with a heart of gold. If you were in desperate need, she'd do anything for you. How many people do you know like that?? Chances are not many. Just don't tell her that her hubby is hot.....she's real protective of what's HERS! Meow!!

Mama Wheaton - I know her name, but it's not listed on her blog, so you don't get it, lol! She readily expresses her "un-perfectness" as a wife and mom, making it easier for you to be a bit easier on yourself! That is a wonderful gift!!! She's a woman who is comfortable in her roles and inspires her readers to let go, have fun and not take everything so seriously!! She's a real joy in my life!!!

Kate - This woman has just about the MOST beautiful blog on the net!! I love it so much!! Plus she's a pretty terrific writer too. She's so kind and you never hear anything negative!!!! She is a must read!

Tara - This gal wrote the book on graciousness and patience!! She gives her all to her beautiful daughter and it's such a joy to behold. Circumstances and obstacles don't stand a chance with this woman. She either finds a way, or makes a way!! She gets what needs doing, DONE!! How can you not be inspired by that?? But she'd never toot her own horn, and I'm guessing is that quiet mouse in the corner at parties. Please tell her not to put that basket over her bright light, ok??

And last but not least, Mimi - We've been friends for a long time. Through good times and truly shitty times, to the best of times, and back again. You've been there for me, and I've been there for you. Until recently. There's an empty hole in my heart and my life since we've disagreed. No argument is worth throwing away a friendship over. Sometimes people just need to agree to disagree. Moments of misunderstanding and frustration don't have to result in the desolate desert. I love you and I really, really miss you. I'm sorry if I let you down, and I'm sorry you don't understand why I feel the way I do about certain things. This is my olive branch....I sincerely hope you will grab the other end. Please?

OK, so this was alot longer than I orginally anticipated! But when you've been as blessed as I have with friendship, it should be recognized!!! So please, please, please do NOT get your feelings hurt if you aren't on this list. These are the people that I have really gotten to know, and have shared with. Nothing would please me more than to make my circle of friends even larger!!!


Kristina P. said...

Thank you so much, Jeannie. I love your blog and always look forward to it!

LadyStyx said...

Good HEAVENS woman... you make us sound like conjoined twins! *laffz* We may as well be during American Idol season (and Bones, and House and Supernatural...and and and *gigglez*). Thank you for the beautiful award and lovely words.

Saundra@ItalianMamaGoneCrazy said...

Thanx jeannie!!!

I love it! and YOU!!!

Melodie said...

Thank you SO much! You really know how to make a girl feel good about herself.

Anonymous said...

Those words you used to describe me were very sweet and thoughtful. Thank you SO much!

babyrocasmama said...

AWWWW, Jeannie! You make me cry with your sweet words!

It is one of my dearest wishes that we stay forever friends. I guess great minds think alike, huh? LOL

Thank you for this award. You are the best. You gave me my first bloggy award, but this one means more to me than any of the others I have recieved. THANK YOU!

And if I had gotten this from someone else, YOU would have been first on my list to receive it! I love you too, my friend. MUAH!

P.S.: i have thought the same exact thing about Kristina P.! She either has ESP or way too much free time! LOL Two seconds after I put up a post, she's the first one to comment! I just love her. Remember the knitted tampons????

HUGS & Many Thanks,


Mimi said...


I clicked back to you blog 97 times because I clicked on each of the others you gave this award to.

I whole-heartedly accept your olive branch. If necessary I will hit you with it!

Lilly's Life said...

Oh that is the sweetest. I love you and your blog too because you are one genuine person. Truly. Fun, sweet and genuine. Never change! Plus you got one hell of a cute daughter there too!

Lilly's Life said...

Actually, I just read Melodies comment and she said it all, you know just how to make a girl feel good about herself. I like that thought because its true!

Audrey said...

Thanks so much Jeannie - you have captured what this award is all about. Now off to see your friends and read their blogs!!

Young Momma said...

Congrats on a wonderful award!!!!

Kate said...

Jeannie - You rock! Thanks so much for this wonderful award. I love it. I hope I have time tonight to stop by everybody else's blogs. A few people I already know. Oh, I think the rainbow award button on your sidebar truly sums up your blog - it always makes me smile when I stop by. I mean, I stopped by for just a few minutes and got a great and gooey recipe, found out that I might be able to do some college classes for free, and got a great pick me up all at the same time. You are one of those people who I wish lived here in my town. We'd have so much fun. I think we have a spiritual link for sure.

Melissa Miller said...

Congrats on the well deserved award. I love Pampered Chef as well! :)

sandy said...

Thank You So much Jeannie!
You know I Love Ya!

Cassie said...

Aw, Jeannie you are one sweet lady! You did a wonderful job capturing the spirit of this award! I am so happy that I will have all morning tomorrow to visit each and everyone that you have given this to!

Vickie said...

Queenie Jeannie, thank you so much for the award and the wonderful things you said. You made me a little weepy, but in a good way:)

Girl, if you didn't have this award , I would be giving it to you!!

You were the first to follow my blog and I was so geeked when I saw 0 changed to a 1.

Thank you a bunch!!

tara @ kidz said...

BEST AWARD EVER!!! I'm honored, thank you. I adore almost every one of the other bloggers you mentioned. The ones I don't know, I'm off to check out their blogs!

At the party where I don't know anyone, you've got me pegged. At the party with friends and/or family, watch out. I'm the goofball in the middle of it all!

SgtSudsWife said...

Awww Jeannie Thank you so much! You are awesome! That is deffinately one thing I love about this crazy life...meeting and becoming very good friends with other Army Wives. I am pretty sure some of us were meant to be sisters and that is why the Army brought us together. Thank you for all the hugs and prayers for my family and Big C. You are so sweet and I am so thankful to have met you.

Christina said...

My hubby wants to know what the heck I did to make you believe all that...LOL kidinng he did say that but then said see babe there are people put there that see the real you. Made tear up. I thank you so much for this award and I promise I am going to post it, but to make sure i do it justice it will be getting its own post. SO give me some time it will be up!

Mary said...

Great award, and you deserve it!! I love that we are able to meet such amazing people through blogging.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I'm doing major bloggy catch-up, sorry I'm late getting to this!

I love all of these bloggers you awarded this to, I'll have to go check out the few that I don't know of!

Jeannie, seeing your videos of Bella does not stab me in my heart because it makes me realize that you truly truly appreciate what you have in life and you make the most of every day. Not many people do this, and it seems that so few Mommy's really understand the precious gift that they have in their children. I love your blog because you cherish life and every moment of it is a gift to you.

Don't stop smiling!

Grand Pooba said...

Oh Jeannie, you are too kind! And you made my day! Love ya girl!

ChicagoLady said...

LMAO at Ladystyx and I being conjoined twins. Not exactly, we just share the love of some tv shows, and music, and blogging, and HOT men.

Thank you so much for the kind words, Jeannie! As soon as I can get caught up on another award, I'll post yours, I promise!