Sunday, December 2, 2007

Well, he's gone......again

It was 19 glorious days together...........and man, did they ever fly by! We got one "freebie" day because he flew in so early on the first day and it was "counted" as a travel day. So we were blessed. But it's so hard to squeeze in a year's worth of fun, love and everyday life for an entire year, in just under three weeks.

As you can tell from the pictures and videos, we had a blast! It was so beautiful watching Thomas and Bella together - my two favorite people in the world!! We had our Thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings. We went shopping for some Christmas presents for the kids and new decorations for the tree this year. We got to spend a whole day in Savannah together too; shopping and eating lunch together - alone time! We even squeezed in a movie night just before he left.

Driving back to Savannah to the airport was a long and quiet drive. Both of us reflecting on our time together.....and on our upcoming time apart. It's hard to be apart from your family, regardless of the situation. It's different for Army families though, with our troops overseas fighting in a war zone. So much danger and many unknowns, and it wears on your heart and soul. I'm so super duper trooper proud of my soldier husband!!!! And I miss him so much when he's away. I don't care what anyone says - it does NOT get easier with each deployment! This is our third and I miss him more each time. Of course they get longer each time, so maybe that has something to do with it.

So while he has his mission in Iraq, I have mine back here at home. We'll both do our best in our jobs and look forward to next summer when we're back in each other's arms once again. July just seems so very, very far away.............


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Anonymous said...

Jeannie Girl,

I went back to the first entry you posted & of course it was this one.

Know how proud I am of you & your family. I don't like this war, but I support every soldier & their family 100%.

I'm here if you need me