Monday, December 3, 2007

Christmas Decorations!! Saturday evening 12/1/07

Well I came home after spending some time with Thomas at the airport. I was there about an hour sitting with him at his gate, and it was HARD!!! We saw some families saying goodbye (earlier flights), and we saw some beautiful reunions. Both hard in their own way because we KNOW what both are like and how emotional they are. Some people would come up to us and wish us well, most saw us and then quickly looked away. People don't know what to say, so they don't say anything at all. Please people - if you see any military personnel, anywhere, please tell them how much you appreciate them!! It really means alot!

It took me over two hours to make it back home - traffic from hell, but I had some time to compose myself before I had to pick up Bella at daycare. The house was very, very quiet. Too quiet. Just the day before it was filled with squeals of Bella's laughter as she played with her Daddy. Our house is just not a home when Daddy is away. He is the heart and foundation of this family. So picking up Bella was a welcome relief actually. Then an hour later I picked up Alex from work.

No one really wanted to just be at home, so we went to Walmart and ate at the McDonald's there. Yeah, I had a Big Mac meal and it was pretty darn good. Heck, at that point, anything I didn't have to cook or clean up after would have been good! Of course we did wander around the store for awhile.
In the toy section (do we EVER not visit the toy section????), Bella saw chairs lined up on a bottom shelf. When she said the Disney Princess ones she figured they MUST be hers as she has everything else, right?!? And no, she didn't get off them easily!
We came home and Alex had the idea of starting our decorating tonight, and finishing it tomorrow. I wasn't exactly feeling "festive", but thought we might as well. She put in a Christmas CD and we lugged down all our stuff. We have ALOT of "stuff"!!!! Plus this year we bought alot of new lights and ornaments. Many while Thomas was home. We thought we'd get the tree up with lights, and do the decorating the next day. Lights are always stressful. Not sure why, but they always are, lol!
Bella fascinated by the lights
Checking each bulb
Olivia - helping as much as "usual"
Bella trying to electrocute herself (??)
Fascinated by our Christmas musical snow globe
She wants to hold it but it's very heavy.
Bella not touching, but wanting to!
Tree up with 2000 lights - whew!
Olivia - sniffing around like crazy!
Ahhh, this is a good spot!

With the tree done and time to kill before bathtime, the girls take a "drive".

Get outta MY car!
Long legged Alex is seriously STUCK!!! First I laugh, then take a picture, THEN I help her out. LOL!! Betting she won't attempt this again!!

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