Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Didn't have time to blog, catch-all post! :D

Ugh, it's gettin' crazy over here people!! The usual pain/no sleep thing has joined forces with the "moving stress" thing! At least we are finished the school year (which I totally flaked on posting!! Bella is now a sixth grader!!!), and I can focus what energy I have into this move. I cleaned out A LOT of the house while Thomas was on his field exercise, and now I have to keep going and finish up. Then this weekend I will be packing our suitcases (which we will be living out of for about 7 weeks!), because the movers will be here every day Mon - Fri! Mon and Tues will be for storage, and that will clear a lot of things out because we are only allowed to bring half of our usual weight allowance in household goods to Korea! Then on Wed they will pack our unaccompanied baggage - stuff that will arrive first in "approximately" 30 days after we arrive. That leaves Thurs and Fri for the rest of our household goods. That will probably be the most stressful because they will be packing up Bella's toys and my toys. Fingers & toes crossed that there isn't any more damage done to my WorkBox - the poor girl can't take it!

Some good news though, we were able to get our new mailing address after all, so we can mail some things to ourselves, and order some things I've been waiting to from Amazon, including my new crock pot!! Oh.Happy.Day! I should think that things will just taste better in a NEW crock pot, right??? Also, we are allowed to bring three suitcases instead of two on the plane!!! Of course we have to pay for it upfront and be reimbursed "eventually", but this is still great news! I bought a new suitcase JUST for my crafting goodies!! My plan is to ship my Copics and cardstock to myself, have my new suitcase for stamps and dies, and order a new Big Shot from Amazon - (Bella will get my old one when it arrives with our stuff). I will stamp out images to color (and my coloring books!), with my colored pencils in my carry-on bag. That way I will still be able to make cards and pocket letters (more on that in a minute!) and not have to wait months and months like before!!! Of course I will miss whatever isn't with me, but at least I will have the things I use the most. We're going to be in a much smaller apartment after living in a large house, and using Army furniture for months....so a girl has to have something to brighten the day, right???  Right!!

Thomas' birthday was on June 4th, and it was his 44th!! Happy Birthday to my Sweet Baboo!! I made him a nice dinner (can't remember what right this minute, but it was good!) and a devil's food chocolate cake!
And I made this super cute card for him!
It says, Happy Birthday from the whole herd inside!

When I was on Pinterest a while back, I sent some links to my friend Charlie over in England for Project Life printables. She's big into the PL scrap booking thing. Me? Not even, lol!! I also sent her a link for this letter thing using the PL plastic sleeves. I didn't think any more about it until we got a lovely package in the mail last week!! POCKET LETTERS ARE AMAZING!!!!! She made one for The Bella and one for me!! They are now my new obsession and I can't wait to make them for all of you!!!! So.Much.Fun!
This one is Bella's and she made a sleeve for it. So stinkin' cute!! Bella was over the moon for it too, and loves getting mail as much as I do!!  There were all kinds of pretties in the pockets for Bella to use on her crafting! Isn't it pretty?!?!?? Love!!

This one is mine! Instead of nine separate pockets, it's a WHOLE SCENE!! Love the adorable Lawn Fawn farm set!!! And the shaker clouds? Brilliant!!! You know this had to have taken a ton of time and care to create - she's amazing!
Mine included some lovely tea (which is delish - thank you!) and gorgeous sequins. Sequins and microfine glitter are my newest favs and I'm so excited to be using them in my cards!!! I've started Charlie's (because with pocket letters you HAVE TO send a return one!!!) and one for Christina, but I got sidetracked with other things. Those will be sent out next week at the latest though, ladies!!!

Here is Thomas, coming home in the middle of the day!, to bring me my very last crafting orders to come to Germany!! Latest goodies from MFT Stamps and Lawn Fawn! I just couldn't wait and they are soooo cute and fun!! Love them! Love my Sweet Baboo!!!!! These will definitely be coming with me in my suitcase!!!

So, people, we need to talk about Pocket Letters! Seriously, they have changed my life!!!! I was feeling rather blue and down in the mouth because this no sleep/chronic pain/moving stress thing was really getting to me. And that is NOT conducive to good crafting!!! I lost my way to my Happy Place!! But getting Charlie's package in the mail really brightened up my whole perspective, and after I Googled what exactly this whole thing was, I was even more excited!!!

There are no RULES with pocket letters!! They can be themed, or not! They can be about things you like, or things the recipient likes. It can be totally random. Whatever!!! It's just a plastic sleeve of HAPPINESS!!!!! You use those baseball/card game sleeves (sold everywhere, super cheap!) and fill 'em up! This is so easy and fun and anyone can do this!!! No special supplies are needed besides paper, adhesive and your imagination! Usually the back side has "pressies", but these don't have to be crafting supplies. They can be candy, gum, fun stickers, flower seeds, cute post-it notes - whatever! It's fun, it's a surprise and it fits in a little pocket!!! How much fun is that??? I know you all want to get one and make some, right?? Leave me a comment if you're in on this fantastic idea!!!! I will have my supplies with me!!!

So in my "Googling", I discovered a super fun YouTuber in Florida! Her name is Sarah Woolley and her channel is Something Different. Definitely check her out and enjoy all her "magic and whimsy"!!! She's so fun and I'm pretty sure she invented enthusiasm, lol! I made her a pocket letter and sent her a box of some of the things I thought she could use for her pocket letters (she's new to crafting!) from my overfull crafting studio. They were just going to go into the storage shipment, so it's better it's getting into the hands of someone who will use it instead, no??
My pocket letter to her featured some of my most favorite travel adventures! It was so much fun to make and the memories all came flooding back. We have really been so blessed the past five years here in Europe!!! I think we've done a great job traveling around and seeing & doing so much!
Back Page
It's too hot now to send other German goodies.

Her husband is also in the "show" that is Something Different, you have to watch!!!, and I wanted to make her husband a card too. It won't make any sense unless you watch the video where he's grilling outside. Hysterical!!
His card

Sarah's envelope
Sarah's card
Isn't this a fun shaker card??? As I said, they live in Florida, so I got to use my newest stamps and dies featuring this awesome flamingo!! I made it "different" by die cutting some chevron ribbon for the wing and giving her a pearl necklace. "Something Different" - get it?? :D

So now I have to hustle, hustle, hustle to finish the clear out here in the house. THEN, to separate things as best we can for the different shipments for the movers. I also have to pack our bags this weekend. It's going to be go-go-go until next week!!! Then we basically sit around and supervise the movers. It's boring and makes for a very long day!! THEN we will be in the hotel on post. I'm hoping to keep busy in the hotel making pocket letters, although I will only have my limited supplies with me, and no Big Shot!! How does someone craft without a BS anyway??? It's essential!! And of course I will gorge on Mozart truffles and doner sandwiches while I still can!!! Our German adventure is almost over!!!!


MrsC.x said...

i am loving my pocket letters!! love me a bit of happy mail and i am using up my washi tape for more than big shotting now :D bit sad that so much of your craft stuff is going to be in storage unloved for so long i keep picturing them with lawn fawn-esc sad faces

talking of the LF i had my gingerbread man and house for my birthday time to get me some christmas on....

Charlie xx

Mary said...

I wondered if y'all had moved already! I am just amazed at your creativity!
Hope all is going well with y'all! :)

Intense Guy said...

Those pocket letter things are really clever and cool!

Thomas looks cool too, he'd make a good UPS dude huh? ('cept they wear brown).

Rita said...

Have a safe trip!!
I would chat more but I am doing the no sleep/chronic pain/moving stress thing from now till August. ;)
Smart to bring a suitcase of art & craft stuff!! :):)

April said...

Moving can be so stressful...hoping/praying everything goes off without a hitch, Jeannie!

Michelle Reed said...

Where are you Jeannie???
I'm hoping you arrived safely and are getting yourself and your family settled.
Hope to see a post from you soon girl cause I miss reading about your goings on!

Catherine said...

Now I'm all intrigued by this pocket card business. Must Google now!