Sunday, May 3, 2015

Works in progress....but do I remember how to FINISH???

Remember that HUGE order from Lawn Fawn??? Yeah. Well, I got two of the sets out, stamped them, die cut them.....and then put them in a baggie so I wouldn't lose all the little pieces I worked so hard on!!! These will get made into cards. Whether they get made into cards in Germany or South Korea remains to be seen!

Peel-off stickers on water color paper, and water colored with Distress Inks!

More peel-off stickers, this time using a microfine glitter and then colored with Copics. These were sooo much fun to color, but sadly haven't found a home yet!

Mini figures peel-off stickers, with glittered frames and Copic colored.

 Glitter-tastic! :D

 Larger peel-off stickers, and colored with Distress Ink on water color paper.

Look!!! A finished card!! This one was made for my Alex, included in a package I sent her. I bought rainbow colored microfine glitters for the rainbow technique. LOVE how this glitter blends!!!

Another finished card!!!! Something simple to add to another package.

This was a huge rainbow, and ALL the colors were showing!! By the time I got downstairs the colors had diminished quite a bit, but if you enlarge the photo, it's still pretty good!!


Cassie said...

Fantastic coloring, Jeannie, and I love all of the glitter! South Korea?! Wow, you are living the Army dream! I'm super excited for you! 😀

Rita said...

Well, you've gotten a lot done and you're all ready when you need to have a card made quickly. All that cutting and coloring takes such a long time. That is a lot of work. :)

Christina Wernstrum said...

Girl relax it'll get there! But I must say you are making some amazing fronts! I always wanted to try the comic glitter coloring! You are doing great!

Intense Guy said...

I'm sure you will finish those cards and they will all be masterpieces!


AliceKay said...

Cute stickers and very nice cards.

Rainbows are always pretty cool to see, even when the colors lighten and fade.