Thursday, February 5, 2015


I'm so tired. Like, seriously, unbelievably, exhaustedly tired. Sleep has been pretty crappy lately anyway, but last night it was pretty much non-existent. And my feet and right knee felt like I was being electrocuted every few seconds by about a gazillion volts of electricity. Doesn't that sound fun??? I'm just so darn frustrated with it! Sometimes I'm OK, other times I'm a hot mess - and there's no rhyme or reason for the difference.

I got up this morning, late, and was pretty much hatin' on life in general. And I was dreading the day ahead. I just didn't see how I was going to get through it. I got Bella up, and surprisingly she was in a great mood! Well, yay!!! One less thing, you know?? I made her bed, got her dressed and hair done, and then it was time for our morning "snuggle & prayers" time. That helped; it really did.

I gave her breakfast (how can that kid eat the same thing every single day????), and went over the day's school agenda, inwardly cringing that she had a chapter test today in Social Studies. She always flips out and stresses over chapter tests. Not today - she said, "I think I've got this!" With a smile!! Who is this kid??? I made my tea and went to zone out in front of my computer until it was time for me to teach. She does the Language Arts by herself unless she needs help, and does either spelling or reflex math work depending on the day, before I teach the rest. I'm slowly letting her do more independent work, because she needs to learn to follow directions and read with comprehension. That really can't be taught, only practiced.

So I sat in front of my computer, and I was almost too tired to even read my email. Now that my friends is tired!! But I sent one to Thomas:

Email to Thomas: Babe, I don't care what you bring home for dinner, but dinner is on you tonight. I can barely think I'm so tired. I've been awake since 1am and I can barely function. OK? Also, if you could come home a bit earlier, that would be great too. Tell them I'm dying and I need you to come home and bury me. That should work.

Email response: I am so sorry! Of course I will make dinner. It is a heavy day, but I will do my best to be home by 5:30 with dinner. Then I will take care of you. Make this a no school day. Love you!

That is love. And that is why I love my husband! When I really need him and his help, he's there. Without complaining - just there, 100%! It made me smile, and it made me just the teeniest bit less tired.

And Bella? She was simply perfect today. Absolutely, positively, without a doubt, perfect today! And she nailed her Social Studies test too, with only one question wrong!! No goofing off, no daydreaming, no sassing, no complaining....just perfect. And then she went and played quietly until lunch while I was pretty much a zombie on the couch. I thought a nice, hot bowl of soup from last night's dinner would perk me up and give me some energy. (Or set me up for a snooze. Either way was fine by me!) Then I forced myself to take a shower AND put on real clothes (not a fresh nightgown like I was sorely tempted to do!) And although I was still tired, I had a happy tummy, and smelled good again....and thought...why not see if I can finish up those cards from that's what I did! :D

Aren't they cute??? It took me long enough to go from stamping out these images, to coloring and die cutting them out, to getting them finished into a card....but I did it! And you know what? I think I'm going to go back upstairs and make some more! A huge thank you to Thomas and Bella for being so awesome today, and making an otherwise sucky day into a pretty good one after all. I'm so blessed!!! :D


Amy said...

I'm sorry you're having such a rough time! Hugs! Your cards are adorable--love those snowmen!

Rita said...

They both really came through for you! Hurray!
Love the cards. Hope you get some decent sleep!! :)

Intense Guy said...

You might even consider this day a Valentine from Bella and Thomas...


cuilliesocks said...

Hello Jeannie, sorry to hear you are struggling with very little sleep, I don't sleep well so I do sympathize. I take it you have been to the doctor for tests, especially diabetes and thyroid. Hope you get some ease soon.
Lovely sweet Christmas card, great layout too, take care of yourself, hugs Kate x

Cardarian said...

Sorry about your problems with sleeping - I am having them since I moved to England. I don't want to take sleeping pills so I keep on suffering. Huh! Your cards are lovely! Thank you for visiting my blog!