Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Post-It Note Tuesday!


Christina Wernstrum said...

Because they now know they are in trouble. Smh oh well they brought it on themselves and apparently they broke thier own policies now as well. Happy you are gonna craft today!

Rita said...

I knew I was missing some of your blog posts! I don't always get every single post from people when I sign up by email. Don't know what happened.

We haven't even had a good snowfall here yet! Very strange. Cold as can be, but still just that dusting of snow that is all we seem to be able to accumulate. And I like snow! LOL!

We had sun for days--and the sun of which I spoke this morning--gone. Totally gray and cloudy out there again. Probably means it will warm up, though. Was -5F this morning.

I hope you got to play in your craft room!!! :)

Intense Guy said...

Yea! The post-its are working again!!!

Hopefully next week's postings will be "happier ones"!