Sunday, January 25, 2015

My Sunday Blessings

Well, it's Sunday evening and I have to say it's been a pretty great weekend! I started off the day today by cooking blueberry pancakes for breakfast, and starting Beef & Broccoli in the crock pot afterwards for dinner. Then I stripped and remade Bella's bed and started the laundry. I had a quick lunch and then headed upstairs for some Mommy Crafting Therapy!!!

I made getting upstairs in my craft room a priority this weekend, and I think I'm the better for it, lol! I made four cards yesterday (already blogged those), and I sort of "putzed around" up there today. While I didn't complete anything, I tried my hand at some Distress Ink watercolor backgrounds for cards I will make later, as well as trying out some embossing powders I've had for a while, but hadn't used yet, on a new background stamp I recently got in. I even tried out some gilding flakes on that background stamp too! It would have worked out great, the first time, if I had reviewed the directions beforehand, lol! Ugh, did I ever make a mess of it the first go at it!!! I GLUED the cardstock to the stamp! That's really some sticky stuff, I tell ya! Oh well, lesson learned! So I have all kinds of pretty handmade papers to use on upcoming cards. Lastly, I stamped out a bunch of images from my newest Lawn Fawn sets, to be colored with pencils and Copics. They're things that I can pick up and put down quickly, to work in and around the home school week.

Speaking of which, I hope we have a much, much better week coming up!!!! Last week was one of those rough weeks, where you feel like you'll pull all your hair out in frustration! Not.Fun. We'll be finishing up our chapter in Science on cells - something Bella was really into - with a chapter test on Friday. It was a lot of information to learn, Biology always is!, but she's done well with that. We plan on buying her a microscope and telescope after we get to South Korea. It's been a chore getting through Math lately though, even though it's review work and super simple stuff (like graphs for Pete's sake!!!) Complex alegebra and geometry? No problem. Word problems? No problem. Reading a simple bar graph? *crickets* It's always, always the simple stuff that trips her up!!! Her attitude and tone haven't been that great either, so we're still working on that.

And no, we STILL haven't taken down our Christmas tree!!!! LOL! I told Thomas that we were doing it this weekend "for sure". Oh well. He'll bring up the ornament box from downstairs tonight, and I will take down the ornaments and lights myself (less stress that way!), and after dinner tomorrow he can help me take the tree apart and carry down everything. I could have done it today.....but it was a weekend and I wanted to play for a change!!!

Sleep issues continue to be a sucky part of my life! It's not the insomnia that's killing me, it's the nerve pain again. I thought I had it licked and was sleeping quite well, and without pain, but we're right back to square one again. I just don't get it!!! My feet have been particularly bad and it's just not something I can "ignore" or sleep through. What can you do??? This too shall pass....I suppose! I'm trying taking a dose of the lipoic acid in the morning with my other supplements, and now one at night too. It had been helping, but then everything fell apart again.

Still, I have so much to be grateful for, and I am!! I'm just going to think happy thoughts and hopefully have a fabulous week ahead. I hope you will too!!!


Amy said...

I had to laugh when the "snip of this blog post showed up on Facebook as "Then I stripped and . . . " You've been super productive!

AliceKay said...

I noticed the "Then I stripped and remade..." on Facebook, too. Had to laugh. :)

I hope this next week will be easier for Bella and her school work. She'll figure it out. She's a smart kid.

I hope your nerve pain eases soon, and you'll be able to sleep well again. Nerve pain can be terrible. Been dealing with a lot of that myself. Scoliosis can be difficult to deal with. The past year hasn't been a good one for me.

Have a fabulous week, my friend. *hugs*

Intense Guy said...

I always thought graphs and such in math were pretty much overrated and useless... (falls in the you can prove anything with statistics bin)... I suspect Bella is smart enough to realize that too!!!

I hope you get the tree down soon - but I hope my neighbors leave the outside xmas lights up and on!! They are so nice on a dark wintry day.