Sunday, July 27, 2014

My Sunday Blessings

Happy Sunday, everyone! It's quiet here at the house, as Thomas and Bella have left on their weekly Daddy-Daughter outing. :D  Fun for them, quiet for me = WIN/WIN!!!

Remember our travel adventure to the Renaissance Festival in Kaltenberg?
This is what Bella wore that day.

She has another gown that is royal blue, but I always keep my eye out on eBay for more gowns, and I recently found this one for a really good price.
Isn't it gorgeous??

Big News!!!
Bella reached 100% fluency on her math facts 0-12!!!

For reaching this milestone, she was allowed to have her own blog!
Simply click on the banner to check it out!

In stamping news....
My gorgeous collection of Prismacolor Premier colored pencils!
I have a couple of cases on order to store them more easily.

Blending tool kit

Some new stamps & matching dies!
I LOVE Lawn Fawn!!!

Next month they'll have dies for this set! YAY!

A new recipe: Crock Pot Beef Bourguignon!
I didn't take the time to get a really good photo, because the smell was making me crazy, lol!! It might *look* like regular old beef stew, but it's not!! It was a bit of a hassle in prep work (you don't just throw everything into the crock pot!), but the results were soooo worth it. I had a bottle of very dry wine on hand, and we don't like to drink dry wines, so it was perfect to use in cooking!!! To make this yourself, the recipe is HERE.

I also made the super delicious German Potato Salad - recipe HERE.

And the super easy Baked Ham & Cheese Roll-ups - recipe HERE.

I have some yummy things lined up for this week, that didn't get made last week. The heat wave continued, and with it being so hot in the house and my not getting much sleep, I let Thomas "cook" a couple of times last week, lol! We're supposed to get quite a bit of rain this week....but I've heard that before and nothin' happened. So...we shall see!!! I'm hoping to finish up some projects upstairs and get some crafting done and shown on my blog!! I have some new goodies on order, and more will be available for purchase in August. get some USE out of what I have already!!! I hope you all have a great week ahead!


AliceKay said...

Congrats to Bella for accomplishing her goals in the math department. Hope she has fun with her new blog. I checked it out earlier and left a comment. :)

Bella has some beautiful gowns. My sister and brother-in-law used to attend Renaissance festivals here in Pennsylvania awhile back. They always had a good time.

Hope someone turns down the heat for you soon. I don't tolerate heat and humidity well, so I can understand how you're feeling. I'm sorry you have to endure those conditions in your home.

Hope you have a great week, too!

Rita said...

I hope that when Bella outgrows these dresses that you keep them stored safely away so that if she has a little girl one day... ;)

Enjoy playing with your new goodies--if it ever cools off, that is. It has cooled down again here for a bit and it is heavenly!! I'll try to send some your way. ;)

Deanna said...

That is quite a collection of Prisma Colors! Wowsa!

Love Bella's gowns. She looks so pretty in them. And congratulations to her on reaching her match goals. Awesome.

All of your menus always sound and look so stinkin good.

I hope you get the promised rain and that the temperature cools off! I cannot imagine living without air conditioning!

ChicagoLady said...

What a pretty dress you bought for Bella!

I haven't had a chance to buy my card for Bella, but I will this week. The weekend was crazy!

I wish I could send some of our cool weather to you. We're having one of the coolest summers in Chicago that I can remember in a very long time.

Intense Guy said...

I'm hungry now.